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SAVONLINNA, FINLAND - MAY 25: Brewer Mika Kosonen samples a new batch of OTAN beer during brewing at the Olaf Brewing microbrewery on May 25, 2022 in Savonlinna, Finland. Olaf Brewing has launched OTAN beer to celebrate Finland's bid to join the NATO military alliance. OTAN is the French acronym for NATO and also means "I get" in Finnish. CEO Petteri Vänttinen says demand for OTAN beer has been tremendous, with orders even coming in from the USA. Vänttinen describes OTAN beer as: "a taste of security with a hint of freedom."

What was brewing with Jen Scordo today? Every day Jen reports on 3 stories at 3:45 on “The Best Show Ever?” and today she got into a story about a very expensive beer, a club enforcing a new rule about consent, and Devonta Smith admitting to a very locally specific addiction. Here are her stories from today.

Devonta Smith Admits he is Addicted to Wawa

Devonta Smith has an addiction. Apparently, that addiction is Wawa. Recently he claimed he eats a hoagie (not a sub as Smith incorrectly referred to it as) every day. Smith also said he favors the honey turkey. He truly is embracing the city of Philadelphia. That may be what helped him bulk up over the summer.

DeVonta Smith Officially A Philadelphian With His Wawa Addiction

Australian Club Bans Staring without Verbal Consent

An Australian Night Club has put in place new rules to prevent people from using the Club as a way to pick up strangers. Club 77 announced the new rules in a recent Instagram Post. One of those rules is that you can no longer stare at someone without verbal consent. They said they will be removing people from the Club if someone else says they have made them uncomfortable. They will have safety officers to enforce this, and it will be a zero-tolerance policy.

“As a nightclub, we encourage you to interact with strangers, however, any engagement MUST begin with verbal consent. This also applies if you are, for example, staring at someone from afar.”- The Club said in a public statement

Nightclub bans 'staring' without 'verbal consent' in new 'woke' policy

The days of checking someone out at a club are over. An Australia nightclub said it will remove people who are caught staring at someone without that person's consent. Club 77 in Sydney included unwanted attention from strangers in its updated "zero-tolerance policy" on harassment.

The World’s Most Expensive Beer

We have all had that moment where we look at the bill at the end of the night and get a shock. But one Australian man took that to the next level when he saw his bill after getting a beer in the U.K. He had been charged £55,300, or $99,983.64, plus a transaction fee. Turns out it was a mistake on the part of the cashier. The beer was supposed to cost £5.50, but instead, he was charged 10,000 times as much.

When the mistake was noticed, the cashier giggled at him, but the man who was overcharged likely did not find it very funny. He is still trying to get the full refund for this mistake.

Bloke accidentally spends £55,000 on 'most expensive beer in history'

An Australian man accidentally spent £55,000 on one drink during a trip to the UK, describing it as the 'world's most expensive beer'. We've all had that moment when we look back at our bank balance after a few bevvies, only to find out we've spent way more than we were supposed to.

You can listen to the full segment, with their reactions to each show, here…




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