Summer is for being outdoors, getting together with friends, making memories, and letting loose. And if you’re anything like us – your Google calendar is absolutely stacked with events. Weddings. BBQs. Birthday parties. Dinner parties. Pool parties. Party parties.
It can be overwhelming – especially if you’re throwing a shindig of your own.
But we’re here to say that it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to our friends at Virtua Health, we put together this quick list to help you plan the ultimate summer party that’s as fun for you as it will be for your guests.
Tip 1: Give yourself time
spacer10Last-minute planning is a non-starter for us. Set a date that’s a few weeks out. This way, you can chip away at your to-do list, ensuring you’re not scrambling the week of to throw everything together.
spacer10Tip 2: Keep it casual
spacer10The more elements you add to your party, the more complex your planning will be. Summer parties should be light and fun. So think a simple menu, bright and relaxed decor, and absolutely NO assigned seating.
spacer10Tip 3: Prep your home
spacer10Start tidying up your home room by room. Focus on areas your guests will likely encounter – your entryway, bathroom, living room, kitchen. And of course, prepare your outdoor space by mowing your lawn a few days out, cleaning furniture, and setting up lighting for nighttime fun.
spacer10Tip 4: Use what you have
spacer10For the record, you do not need to run out to Hobby Lobby and buy everything in existence. Take inventory of what you have, make a list, and be conservative with your decisions. Inflation is crazy right now – don’t put yourself in a pickle for this party.
spacer10Tip 5: Accept help
spacer10If someone asks: How can I help? Accept it! People like helping people. Whether that means setting stuff up, bringing stuff over, cleaning stuff up – you will not win an award for taking it on alone.
spacer10Tip 6: Set the mood
spacer10Music can make or break your party. And sure, you could head to Spotify and play a “Summer Vibes” playlist or something, but consider opting for unique tunes! Our personal faves are Chillhop – they create these jazz/hip hop infused beats that are perfect for any gathering.
spacer10Looking for more tips for stress-free, healthy living? Our friends at Virtua Health have you covered. From exercise inspiration to having the best mental health day ever, they’re here to help you be well, get well, and stay well.