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Fox Sports announcers from left: Howie Long, Joe Buck, Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson during a press conference to announce the new Fox football broadcasting team for Fox Sports at the News Corp. Building in New York City, New York on Monday, August 14, 2006. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/NFL for Fox Sports)

by John Kincade

This weeks Top 10 List was inspired by the crazy TV broadcast that the Phillies had on Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t imagine sitting in Tom McCarthys chair and holding my breath worrying about what the next over the line comment was coming. I’d submit that as my Emmy reel right now!

I find my self watching TV Sports broadcasts and taking issue with a lot of the things that I see. The broadcasters are impressive and the graphics and video quality next level. I’m a nit picker at times and I’m shocked at how many things bother me. Are you like that when you watch a local or national TV broadcast? How many of my “issues” do you agree with and how many of your own didn’t make the list?

We debated this on the show this morning. I’d love to hear what you have to say at

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  1. Play by Play Announcers thinking they are color analysts
  2. Color Analysts talking over the call of the play
  3. Inserted “out of context” interviews not involving celebs or ex-players
  4. Broadcasters complaining about balls and strikes calls in the first inning of a game
  5. Those who are afraid to critique the team that they broadcast for
  6. Constant use of insider nicknames
  7. The broadcaster story that never gets to the finish line
  8. The over reliance on new age statistics that majority of fans don’t understand
  9. Too much graphics clutter on the screen
  10. The same few commercials running every game over and over