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BOGOR, INDONESIA - APRIL 05: Ants enter a jar which is used for breeding on April 5, 2014 in Bogor, Indonesia. Breeders can produce 300 pounds of eggs and hundreds of thousands of ants per month. The ant eggs are an alternative food that is rich in protein and vitamins, with local market demand for the ants and their eggs in Indonesia very high.

As they do every day on “The Best Show Ever?” we got to see ‘What’s Brewing With Jen.” Jen Scordo reported on three interesting, funny, or weird stories. What was brewing with Jen today? She got into a story about Tito’s trolling their customers, one nearby city being rated as the ugliest in its state, and one woman getting reading recommendations from a  colony of ants.

Camden Named Ugliest City in NJ

One website recently made a list of the ugliest cities in every state. Their pick for NJ was Camden. To which Tyrone, Ricky, and Hunter took issue. While Camden certainly has its reputation, they felt it has gotten much better, and some areas even looked good.

The Ugliest Cities in Each State

From gorgeous architecture to scenic natural views, there are some truly beautiful cities to be found in the United States. Some places that just look so good you never want to leave! Take Denver, for example. It has all the perks of city life while still sporting an unbeatable view of the gorgeous Colorado landscape.

Ants Infest Woman’s Kindle, Start Buying Books

Have you ever picked something up on the ground, only to then find out it is a secret ant colony? That is what happened to one woman in Brazil. She picked up her Kindle, to find it wouldn’t work. Upon further inspection, she unearthed an ant colony inside the Kindle. But the story only gets weirder than that. She was worried she may have lost some of the digital books she purchased on it. Turns out, the ants are avid readers themselves and purchased a couple of books they thought she should read. She started getting notifications telling her she had purchased books, that she never personally purchased.

Ants infest woman's Kindle - and start buying books on Amazon

We've all heard of bookworms, but book ants? A Brazilian writer was taken aback after a colony of ants allegedly colonized her Kindle - and started buying books off of it. "My virtual library had become a nest," wrote Mariana Vieira, 32, in a blog post detailing the apparently computer-literate insects' surprise purchases.

Tito’s Trolls Canned Cocktails with  Empty Cans

It has become trendy for liquor brands to release canned cocktails. But Tito’s is taking a different course. They will not release premade cocktails in a can. But you can purchase a Tito’s branded 16oz refillable can in which you can mix your own cocktails. Tito’s Vice President of Brand Marketing Taylor Berry said this about the new product.

“Despite the flood of different flavors and variations, we’ve always believed the idea of customizations is always the way to go. You can make a cocktail the way you want it and if you want the portability of a can, here’s a can we made for you — it just happens to be empty.”- Taylor Berry

Tit0’s is evidently resisting the public pressure to release its own canned cocktail. to instead troll all the people requesting, they do so.

Tito's is trolling canned cocktails with $20 empty cans

Basically everyone else is doing it, so you'd think it would be tempting for Tito's Handmade Vodka to enter the canned cocktail craze. Instead, they're doing the complete opposite.

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