By John Kincade

I’m sorry that my Top 10 List was delayed this week. It was a great chance to expose my wife and daughter to what the Jersey Shore has to offer as I want to have a 2023 Summer Vacation “down the shore”. Was it a success? Well I’ve listed my top observations from our 4 days on holiday. Some of them positive, others a tad negative. Be sure to check out Number 10 for the final resolution.

I’ll say this definitively, after years of having our annual beach vacations in Destin, Florida or Palm Coast, Florida while our daughter grew up in Atlanta the differences are glaring. If you are talking costs, any vacation you can drive to is always going to be a first choice. No airfares or rental car fees make your family vacation budget go further.

The Pro’s? A vacation at the Jersey Shore has much more history, nostalgia and character. The experience is one of childhood memories. Walking in Wildwood on the boardwalk reminded me of grade school summers in the Crest. The boardwalk looks amazing by the way. Cape May was thriving but my wife found Avalon to be the most intriguing spot. Ocean City was beautiful and as my daughter described it “like a beach town movie set”. It didn’t hurt that we hung out with one of our best friends and their family to get a sales job on the benefits of a week “down the shore”.

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I was a bit surprised with the constant smell of weed in many public areas. I’m watching families navigate a boardwalk with young children constantly navigating the pungent odor. I think of myself being put off by it as I’m a vocal advocate of legalization with strict enforcement of age limits. What about the families that are vehemently opposed to it? The enforcement of policies in public areas needs to get better.

Overall, it was a great reminder of how incredible and unique the Jersey Shore is. Seeing it through the eyes of your family makes it very special. We can’t wait for the summer of 2023 and to begin writing a new vacation chapter for our family unit.

My Top 10 – 2022 Jersey Shore Observations

  1. I saw more Phillies gear than Eagles gear, that floored me even during baseball season
  2. Fifteen Dollar Rental Lockers is outrageous
  3. Friendly Service…everywhere (my girls chuckle at Southern Hospitality myth)
  4. No Parking Availability in Cape May
  5. The Ocean City Boardwalk is by far the best family place to hang out
  6. Weed Smell…everywhere
  7. Avalon and Sea Isle City putting their best foot forward
  8. Our two 18 year olds loved their day on the Wildwood Boardwalk and Waterpark
  9. Bike Riders need to learn how to be smart out on the streets
  10. Ocean City wins the family vote, now if I can only find a place with a pool