ANAHEIM, CA - JUNE 20: Brandon Marsh #16 of the Los Angeles Angels makes a diving catch off a ball hit by Whit Merrifield of the Kansas City Royals in the third inning at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on June 20, 2022 in Anaheim, California.

Earlier today Jayson Stark of The Athletic joined “The Best Show Ever?” to give his thoughts on the Phillies Trade Deadline, and more. What did he have to say? Here are some of the best quotes from Stark’s interview.

On The Phillies Acquiring Noah Syndergaard

On Syndergaard, the whole process was really interesting because they preferred not to trade for a rental. But for every starter who had any amount of control, they would ask for Painter, or Abel, and they were not going to do that… It was pretty clear Dave targeted Syndergaard early on. But the Angels, it sounds like they also asked forPainter, and didn’t want to come down. They didn’t call back until it there was 15 minutes left before the deadline. So when the price became Mickey Moniak, that was a price they were willing to pay.”

Jayson Stark on The Phillies Aggressive Targeting of Brandon Marsh

“I didn’t realize what a big priority centerfield was for them at this deadline. They were in on a ton of guys… but Brandon Marsh was the guy they liked the most. And he’s a really intriguing player. Two years ago he was a top 40 prospect in the whole sport. Maybe you guys can remember a Phillies Of who was regarded that highly. I can’t. Brandon Marsh is a fantastic defensive center fielder. And the people I talk to who know say he has big offensive upside. Like multi-All-Star game upside. The deal with the Angels was they tinkered with his swing 1000 times… (Dave Dombrowski) said they are very confident they can fix that. this has a chance to be a really important piece of their puzzle.”

He also got into the Juan Soto move to San Diego, Alec Bohm’s re-emergence, and more. You can listen to the full interview right here…