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As they do every day on “The Best Show Ever?”, they took a look at ‘What’s Brewing With Jen?’ where Jen Scordo reports on 3 interesting and weird recent news stories. What did she get into today? She had a story about an abnormal flavor of candy corn, a 101-year-old woman getting her wish, and two famous names taking a vacation is a typical destination. Here are the 3 stories that were brewing with Jen today.

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner Escape to Idaho

Inside Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker's Relaxing Idaho Getaway - E! Online

Watch: Devin Booker Seemingly Confirms Vacay With Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are trading in the beach for the woods. Fresh off their apparent vacation together in Hawaii, the pair recently retreated to Idaho to spend a little more one-on-one time with each other and nature.

I know you were all worried that these two may have broken up. But never fear, the power couple of Devin Booker is back together, and vacationing in Idaho of all places. This conversation led to the revelation that Hunter Brody enjoys trashy reality TV, i.e. Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Something that Ricky Bo pointed out was not surprising for anyone.

101-Year-Old Woman Gets Her Birthday Wish To Throw Out First Pitch

101-year-old Seattle woman throws first pitch at Mariners game

Mabel Cross prepared for her big moment by doing cross-training, walking up flights of stairs and tossing the baseball to family members. SEATTLE - A Seattle woman celebrated her 101st birthday by throwing out the first pitch at the Mariners game. Mabel Cross had planned to go skydiving for her 100th birthday, but health issues derailed her plans.

Mabel Cross’s wish for her 100th birthday was to go skydiving. Unfortunately, health issues kept her from experiencing her dream. But for her 101st Birthday, she had a new wish. She wanted to be an MLB pitcher. And thanks to the Mariners, she got as close as most people could ever hope to. The Mariners made her dreams come true, allowing her to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on her 101st Birthday.

Brach’s Releases Tailgate Flavored Candy Corn Mix

Hot Dog-Flavored Candy Corn Is Part of This New 'Tailgate' Mix

Brach's says the new candy is perfect for BBQs and football season. But what about summer? Could there be a way to begin selling candy corn before October?

Candy corn was already a controversial subject. There are people who claim to love, it and others who think it’s disgusting. Well, this recent news will only make it more so. Brach’s is releasing a Tailgate flavored Candy Corn mix. What does tailgate flavored candy corn mean? The mix will feature 5 new distinct flavors. Fruit punch makes sense. Vanilla ice cream is not that weird. But then it goes a bit to left field. Popcorn. Not the flavor one things about when consuming candy. But it gets weirder still. Because the last two flavors are hotdog, and hamburger. What? The crew were not to keen on the new flavors of Candy Corn.

You can listen to the full segment here…