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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JANUARY 03: Cans of Spam are displayed on a shelf at Cal Mart grocery store on January 3, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Hormel, the maker of Spam, announced that it will purchase the Skippy peanut butter brand from Unilever for $700 million in cash.

As we do every day on ‘The Best Show Ever?’ we got to see ‘What’s Brewing With Jen.’ Jen Scordo shared 3 of the most interesting, funny, and weird recent news stories. What weird and interesting stories came up today? There was CMA’s news, someone trolling Golden State fans, and a story about a spree of Spam thefts. Here are the 3 things that Jen reported on today.

Luke Bryan Teaming Up With Peyton Manning To Host CMA’s

Jen started the segment with some ‘rootin’ and tootin’ as Tyrone likes to dub it. Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan will cohost the CMA’s this year. Which revealed that Hunter Brody used to be a supporter of the rootin’ and tootin’ type of guy. He admitted he used to love Luke Bryan before the years of him being a die-hard Kayne West supporter. Will Peyton Manning being the host make you more interested in watching the Country Awards Show if you weren’t already into it? Tyrone said he may check it out now.

Luke Bryan, Peyton Manning Set to Host CMA Awards

Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning are teaming up to host the 56th annual CMA Awards. The Country Music Association and ABC announced Monday that Bryan will host for his second consecutive year, while NFL legend Manning is a first-time host.

Flea trolls Golden State Warriors fans

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Recently performed at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. And in typical fashion for the band’s bassist Flea, he couldn’t help but troll the audience, who are of course mostly Golden State Warriors fans. He drew boos when late in the performance he pulled out an LA Lakers-themed bass guitar.

This lead to them discussing if they were performing in a city like this, would you rock your own team’s gear? Tyrone was a yes on that. You can read the full story of the band’s San Francisco performance, and Flea’s attempt to troll the locals here.

Flea trolls Warriors fans at Red Hot Chili Peppers' Bay Area show

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of the most quintessentially SoCal bands of the last half century, took over the 49ers' Northern California home over the weekend, playing a sold-out show at Levi's Stadium on Friday night. As the crowd filed in, funk bassist Thundercat and alternative rocker Beck warmed up the eclectic crowd with their opening sets.

People Stealing Spam in NYC

There has been a rash of thefts in NYC stores of a product you wouldn’t expect to be the target of thieves. Apparently, so many people have been shoplifting spam, that NYC Drug Stores have resorted to encasing the pork product in plastic security shells.

The conversation turned with the revelation that Ricky Bottalico has never tried Spam. To which Tyrone responded that he will have to try it for the first time later this week Live On Air. So stay tuned to “The Best Show Ever?” to see Ricky Bo experience the glory of spam for the first time.

New York City stores are locking up Spam and other foods amid shoplifting surge

MoneyWatch Some New Yorkers are resorting to theft as lifts the cost of everyday goods, including food. Drugstores in parts of New York City are on high alert amid a rise in shoplifting and are increasing security measures to stop theft.

You can listen to the Full What’s Brewing With Jen segment right here…