LANDOVER, MARYLAND - JANUARY 02: Head coach Nick Sirianni of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on during the second quarter against the Washington Football Team at FedExField on January 02, 2022 in Landover, Maryland.

Training camp has begun, and we heard from Nick Sirianni for the first time. The Eagles head coach spoke before practice today. What did Nick have to say? Here are some of the standout quotes from today’s press conference.

Howie Roseman on Expectations

“This is Philly. Obviously, there are always going to be expectations. At the end of the day, we have to start that with camp. We have to start with having a good camp, having a competitive camp, and getting guys ready to play for the start of the season. We are just trying to stay in the moment. Make sure we are evaluating the team, and getting the best possible players that we can, to be ready for Detroit.” 

Nick Sirianni on Jalen Hurts Growth

“You can just that he is a year further into it. That the decisions are being made quicker each time he gets a rep at it. Just like a lot of QBs in this league. They get better with their decision-making over time. You’re definitely going to see that. You’ll still see his playmaking ability with his feet. I saw a more accurate passer in OTAs, now he has to go and continue to improve every single day.”

Howie Roseman on additions of James Bradberry and Jaquiski Tartt

“I think for Bradberry, this is a guy we spent a lot of time evaluating when he came out. Competed against him in Carolina and with the Giants. Had a lot of respect for him as a player and a person… and then with Tartt, we always try to keep looking at our boards. Our scouting department does a great job at keeping our boards updated… and he kept showing up. And this is a guy who played 7 years on a very good defense in San Francisco. Played at a high level, played in big games, and has the right temperament.”

Nick Sirianni On His Message To The Players

“When you are trying to climb a mountain, you don’t look at the top of the mountain every single day and say ‘I have to climb that. You look at the part of the mountain you have to climb that day and you focus on that. And that’s what training camp is about. You focus on the daily deposits… It’s day by day. What are we going to do today… If you live in that world, then it doesn’t matter if you are an underdog or if your expectations are high. You’re just working on how you get better every single day.”

Howie Roseman on Talent Not Always Meaning Success

“Our most talented teams have not necessarily been our best teams. You could have all this talent, but coming together and fitting the right pieces into place is the most important thing. That’s what this camp is for. Coming together as a team and making sure talent meets connection, and goes into a place with the season that we are feeling really good about the people.” 

Howie Roseman on Marcus Epps

“When we talk about the safeties, a guy we spent a lot of time talking about this off-season is Marcus Epps. Nobody works harder than Marcus. here is a guy who last year played in a rotation with those guys. And you want your young guys to step up and develop more of a role. That’s why we have a development program and that’s why we have these coaches.”

Howie Roseman on Why They no Longer Hold Camp at Lehigh

“Sleeping in my own bed vs a dorm bed is a big advantage. And when you talk about players and what we know about performance, we know that affects them… For us, this facility was built, it is an amazing facility. The cafeteria and the access they have to nutrition. For all of us being able to have our systems in place here, which is harder up in Lehigh. But there are gives and takes. I loved coming out there, and you’d ask every day how big is the crowd. You certainly can’t have that crowd. They both have their pluses and minuses. But obviously, we are here now.”

Nick Sirianni On Practice Schedule and Preventing Soft-Tissue Injuries

It’s all about player health. It’s all about what went down last year, and our numbers of soft tissue injuries. They had a hard conditioning yesterday. They’re going to have an intense practice today. And our third day, numbers tell us that soft tissues shoot up. That is the reason for (the walkthroughs on day 3)… We have a green day, a yellow day, and a red day. Yes, we have a couple more walkthroughs than we had, but there are more green days now. Which means there are more high-intensity practices.”