MIAMI, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 02: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell looks on before Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers at Hard Rock Stadium on February 02, 2020 in Miami, Florida.

by John Kincade

The new NFL+ streaming service is now available and much like a rat to the cheese, I was one of the first willing to fork over the cash to jump on board. I didn’t go the $39.99 route either, I jumped on the $79.99 offering. What am I going to get for that investment? It was things that I felt I couldn’t do without. Somewhere Roger Goodell is smiling, he knows he’s got me right where he wants me.

I do all of my show prep and read on my IPAD. Now I have access to every out of market game, video AND audio available to me on my devices. That’s a huge bonus to me. It’s something I will definitely use often. Imagine tailgating for a 4pm start and wondering how the early games that affect the Eagles? Got an IPAD or phone? You now have access to every game.

I love the condensed 15 minute game replays that are available for every NFL game. I use it to review the games of Eagles upcoming opponents, but it was always tied to my NFL Sunday Ticket thru Directv. Now I can get all of that on my IPAD. It’s a huge value.

Do I need the all-22 tape review feature for every NFL game? Probably not. Did I want it? Absolutely. Will I probably need to have some of it explained to me? Count on that being a necessity! It’s a nice to have in reality, but when it comes to the NFL I feel like I’m missing something if I don’t have access.


What is the biggest realization of this entire discussion? The NFL has made me feel desperate for new content. They drop the bread crumbs and then lead the lambs to slaughter. There is no ATM like the NFL ATM. It has created a product that constantly evolves, with new product offerings and access. The other sports leagues could learn a lot from what the NFL does. Tell you that you are thirsty and then offer you water at an inflated price!