by John Kincade

We are going to be debating this potential 76ers stadium issue for the coming years until we get resolution on the location. One thing we won’t get apparently is logical debate. The first 48 hours has shown me that for some reason people can’t align facts with their position and feel under attack if any objections are raised.

Projecting 9 years from now what the downtown landscape will look like is complete speculation and NOBODY has the right answer. The supporters and detractors can not speak with factual certainty that things will get worse or better in the city. What can we speak factually about today? The state of the city is a mess, including the area where the 76ers propose to put their new home. Crime at all levels, petty, violent and murder have never been higher. The Mayor on an open mic lamented the fact that he can’t enjoy city events because he keeps waiting for something bad to happen. Defenders of the project ignoring the city crime problem saying “it’s not that bad” are completely ignoring facts. It’s one of the reasons in society today that we can’t have meaningful dialogue. Let’s agree on the facts, deal with objections and try to find solutions.

After the initial surprise of the announcement, which wasn’t a surprise as we told you on the John Kincade Show that this was coming days in advance, the reactions were brisk. I try to keep an open mind but I gave my own bias. I love the stadium complex. I believe it to be the best stadium “solution” in the entire country. It’s unique, it gives you various methods of access and it works. That thought process automatically makes me look at the Center City location with a more critical eye. I saw city residents trying to say those in opposition are “scared”. Nonsense. Ignoring the situation is not honest debate. We had a Septa driver on with Choonis Thursday saying how dangerous his job and areas have become! Let’s accept the facts and find solutions.

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I want to be on the fence, I want to be objective. I want to explore the possibility that this can work because I love the city. I chose to live in the city while attending Temple University and after I graduated. My daughter will be a student at my alma mater this Fall. When we came to Philly on visits we always chose to stay downtown. I want this to work out and I realize it’s exciting. I also want us to come together on solutions. If we can’t dialogue in the facts, that will never happen.

Let’s all breathe. We collectively love this city, we want it to thrive. Let’s put down our swords and stop dealing in alternative facts.