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Andrew Salciunas’s Morning Thoughts

Andrew’s Morning Thoughts were that he needed to reach out for parenting advice. He and his wife recently had a kid, Cooper. But on Tuesday, since the first time his son was born, both he and his wife will be back to work. Until now she had been off work, and at least one of them has always been home. But now that is going to change. So Andrew asked for advice from parents who have gone through this before.

What can he do for preparing dinner? Andrew will be the one cooking most nights since she works late. And they have been trying to eat healthily so takeout isn’t an option. What about getting groceries? keeping the house clean? Finding time to exercise? And all the various things that will now be more complicated now that they are both working. Tom, having never been a parent, had no advice for Andrew. But thankfully many callers tuned in to give him some advice, but if you have more, Andrew would appreciate the help. Reach out to him on Twitter at @asalciunas975.

Tom Alvord’s Morning Thoughts

Tom woke up thinking about the movie Nope, which debuts today. Tom loved the first two Jordan Peele movies, but some mixed reviews have him concerned this movie will be a letdown. He said he has been waiting for it for over a year but now is concerned. Our resident movie buff Pat Egan didn’t like it, but Tom has heard from others that it was really good.

And it got him thinking about the times we have been amped up for a movie or show, only for it to let us down. Examples that came up were the final season of Game of Thrones. What was the time you were let down by a movie or show?

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