As you likely know by now, the Sixers are planning to move into Center City by 2031. Today they announced their plans to build a new Arena in The Fashion District, formerly known as The Gallery. The man who will lead this project is David Adelman. He joined Devon Givens to discuss these plans, and answer some of the burning questions Philadelphians have had about this move. If you missed it, here is some of what he had to say.

On How It Will Be Funded

“I’m glad you asked, and I want to make sure everyone hears me and I will say it twice. We are seeking no money from the city. No city subsidies. This is on us, this is on our partners.”

This was something specified in the original report, and David Adelman made it clear multiple times that this was important to the Sixers ownership group. As of now, there are no plans to ask for any public funding for this $1.3 billion project.

On Improving The Surrounding Infrastructure

“The Infrastructure is there. That’s the beauty of this. The subway stops and everything are there already. All we are going to do is enhance it, and refurbish it. Partner with Septa to make sure it becomes a little more exciting. You’re going to be able to take the Subway, get off, and walk right into the Stadium.”

A big concern many had in response to the news was that it would be difficult to get there. David Adelman wanted to assuage those fears. He thinks it will be very easy to get there via the subway, and even claimed there are plans to improve the surrounding infrastructure.

Madison Square Garden- Philly Style

“Madison Square Garden is going to be 55 years old when I open this thing. The only great thing about MSG certainly isn’t the Knicks or Rangers. But it is transit rich. We deserve to have a transit-rich stop for us. You never hear anyone say I’m going to go drive to a Knicks game. Let’s take the best of that but turn it into Philly style, and build a world Class place.”

That’s a big promise. Something like Madison Square Garden, but Philly Style. But if they can live up to it, it could be great for the city. Also attacking the Knicks and Rangers is certainly a good way to get people on your side. As for the driving part, they seem a bit more focused on the public transit side. But he would later point out there there are tons of parking lots within walking distance of this eventual stadium, claiming those would be enough to meet any parking needs. He also said the Wells Fargo lot only holds a few thousand spots.

On What It Will Be Like Inside the Stadium

“The sightlines are going to be amazing. Our building is going to house 18,500 people, which is slightly less than the 20,000 Wells Fargo holds. But we did that intentionally. We want 18,500 great seats with great views. And that’s our intention here. Is to have great views, great amenities, different clubs people can go to during halftime. The food choice will be amazing. it is just going to be a fun experience”

There aren’t many bad seats in the Wells Fargo now. Even at the very top, I have never had a terrible view of the game. But it could always be better, and I wouldn’t call them great views. We won’t know if they will live up to the promise of 18,500 great views until the Stadium actually opens in 2031.

If you want to listen to the full interview, you can do so right here…