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Andrew Salciunas’s Morning Thoughts

Andrew woke up thinking about something Jonathan Papelbon said. Papelbon recently took shots at the Phillies organization and Bryce Harper on a podcast.

“It’s always been kind of chaotic in Philadelphia, with the fans, with the players, with the front office. It’s like a s**tshow there. And, for me, I see the s**tshow continuing. I mean, they fired their manager, what, two months into the season? As long as that stuff happens, Philadelphia will never win again. Philadelphia will never get back to the playoffs.” 

This had Andrew waking up thinking about the other former Philly players that we hate. Papelbon was already an unpopular figure in Philly, despite being their All-Time Saves Leader. And throwing random shade our way all these years later won’t help.

Andrew brought up Tommy “sorry It wasn’t good enough,” Hunter. Hunter was part of the Phillies’ historically bad bullpen in 2020. A month into that shortened season, they found themselves with a Bullpen ERA of 7.37. And he had the gall to get defensive when people started criticizing the pen.

“That’s the thing: We’re giving everything we have. Sorry it wasn’t good enough. But it’s not like we’re giving more now because we’ve been getting a little bit of heat. We’re the same guys showing up every day with the same mindset and the results are just working for us now.”

Needless to say, Phillies fans didn’t take too kindly to this mindset. And it was something that was still bothering Andrew to this day

Tom’s answer was Sean Rodriguez, who infamously called Phillies fans entitled.

“Think about it. Who is looking bad and feeling entitled when you hear stuff like that? I’m not the one booing. I am not the one screaming. I’m not the one saying pretty disgusting things at times. That seems pretty entitled. You’re just making yourself look pretty bad as an individual, as a person, as a fan. … There’s still a lot of good fans, though, and those are the ones I hear.”- Sean Rodriguez about Phillies fans.

Of course, this attitude from Sean only led to more boos. Many fans, including Tom, still hold a grudge about it to this day. Other names that came up include Miles Austin, Frank Gore, Robert Covington, and Jake Arrieta.

Tom Alvord’s Morning Thoughts

Tom’s girlfriend is away for the week, meaning he is home alone. Usually, when he is home alone Tom would eat out a ton. But with him getting older, he has been looking for ways to eat healthier. So he woke up thinking of healthier options he could cook on the grill. Andrew suggested fish, but Tom does not like fish. He also suggested turkey burgers.

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