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Today on The Devon Givens Show, they wrapped up things as they usually do, with The Leftovers. Tyler Zulli presented the leftover stories they didn’t get a chance to talk about during the show. If you missed it, here is your chance to catch up on the four stories they discussed.

USC Garnering a Lot of Love From Bettors Before College Football Season

Tyler also got into a story of a weird team getting a ton of love from bettors ahead of this College Football Season. While a lot of money is being bet on the typical names like Alabama and Ohio State. One Las Vegas Sportsbook (Super Book) saw USC become the team with the most bets placed on it. USC hired Lincoln Riley and brought Caleb Williams and Jordan Addison as transfers. But still, it’s weird to see a 4-8 team become betting favorites at any Sports Book.

Astros Sweep In to Help Paul Blackburn Reach All-Star Game After A’s Cheap Out

The story all season has been how the Oakland A’s are. They moved most of their players who cost anything before the season started. they have the 2nd lowest payroll in the MLB, and nearly 20 million less than the team with the 3rd lowest. That cheapness was taken to a new low recently though in this story Tyler discussed in The Leftovers. They wouldn’t even pay to get their Lone All-Star to the game. Paul Blackburn was going to be on his own to get to LA. He was scheduled to take a commercial flight from Houston, where the A’s played on Sunday. Thankfully the Astros stepped in, and let Blackburn join their charted flight with their 4 All-Stars.

The Worst Tickets You Could Give a Metal Head

Tyler Zulli is The Fanatic’s resident metal head. So of course a story about anything metal would catch his eye. But this story stood out for all the wrong reasons. The story appeared in the popular Subreddit ‘Am I the ***hole’ where people ask Redditors if they are in the wrong. One woman bought her metalhead boyfriend concert tickets that he was less than thrilled with. She got him tickets to see Imagine Dragons.

“My boyfriend loves bands. I don’t really know how else to put it. He listens to a lot of rock music by these bands I’ve never heard of. Imagine Dragons are coming to our city this summer. I know who they are and I know they’re a band, so I figured this would be an awesome present for my boyfriend. I got us the tickets and was very excited. My excitement was short-lived, it turned into sadness very soon.”

The boyfriend was less than thrilled with his present. Leading to him telling her to sell them, and her feelings being hurt. She took to the Reddit thread to find out if she was in the wrong, and many of the posters would take the side of the boyfriend. As Tyler Zulli mentions in the segment, it would be hard to find a worse concert you could get tickets for a metalhead than Imagine Dragons.

This is how the conversation about this went between Tyler and Devon…

You can listen to the full segment right here…