I feel for this kid.

A Sixers fan named James Wagner posted a video on his twitter account of his sons reaction to finding out any deal for Kevin Durant would (likely) include Tyrese Maxey. His son did NOT take it well…

His son broke down crying at the thought of his favorite player getting traded. I myself remember hearing the news that Charles Barkley was traded and I had a similar reaction. Years later I still have that reaction when thinking of the trade thanks to the poor return. But this poor 8 year old is certainly not alone.

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Many fans are reluctant to include Maxey in any trade, for anybody. Maxey had a breakout season last year and was a key piece in the Sixers success. He went from averaging 8 points in his rookie season to 17.5 and solidifying himself as a starter. He also proved to be a fan favorite thanks to his on the court accomplishments but also his infectious personality. Many fans around the city want to see the Sixers develop with Tyrese Maxey. But Kevin Durant is Kevin Durant and something tells me these tears of sadness will turn into tears of joy if Kevin Durant is the piece to put the Sixers over the top for a championship

Maxey has hooked the kid up! An awesome gesture by the young star