John Middleton: Hes a millionaire, he is a money SPENDER, he is a man who wants to win, AND he is a MAN OF THE PEOPLE.

Its not everyday that the owner of an MLB team can be seen chatting it up with the common fan. Were not talking about the Diamond Club folks, or even the 100 level fans. Im talking Joe Contractor who’s spending $20 on 300 level tickets. But that is EXACTLY what Phillies owner OUR OWNER did Friday night.

This is awesome in a lot of ways. Not like Jeffrey Lurie is stand-offish but I dont see him going to the 200 level of the Linc and hanging with the fans. Joshua Harris and David Blitzer go to the Sixers games but they sit in the first row and wouldn’t be caught dead in the upper levels. And the Flyers owner? HA! But there he is, John Middleton! Man of the PEOPLE!

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And this isnt even the first time Middleton has done something like this. During the Pandemic shortened season he went out to thank and talk with the Phandemic Crew that showed up for EVERY game even though they werent allowed in the stadium. In a global pandemic no one would have judged him for keeping his distance and staying away but he wanted to show his appreciation for the support of his ball club

So while the Phillies are mired in a horrible playoff drought but it seems like the owner of the team GETS IT. So kudos to John Middleton for doing what MOST owners in sports wouldnt even dream of.