Eric Gordon is locked up for the next three seasons at over $18 million per. Do the Sixers want an expensive bench piece like Gordon making that much? Or are they content with trying to build Maxey into that? He would definitely help, but would likely cost a 1 and a 2.

The Sixers held the #23 overall pick in the NBA draft and they elected to trade it. Using the pick to acquire backup guard DeAnthony Melton. It is a solid move that will absolutely boost the Sixers bench. But was Melton the Sixers backup plan?

A report came out from the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey that said the Sixers were actively trying to get Eric Gordon from the Rockets. According to Pompey, Daryl Morey was dangling Matisse Thybulle and the 23rd overall pick and also trying to get a 3rd team involved.

The Gordon trade obviously never came to fruition. Matisse Thybulle is still a Sixer. But Gordon was clearly Morey’s top choice. He was rumored to be on the Sixers radar where Melton was never mentioned at all. That is not to say that the Sixers didnt REALLY want Melton, but Daryl Morey has never kept things close to the vest. He doesnt care that the world knew he wanted James Harden. He went out and got him.

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Daryl Morey isnt done. But he certainly has his work cut out for him.