By Bob Cooney

Not sure the reason why – perhaps pandemic carryover or maybe just a lack of talent – but the NBA Draft, which is just two days away, hasn’t garnered the type of excitement here in Philly, and perhaps nationally, that it has years past.

Remember the days when you could name the players you projected to go in the top 5 or 10 or 15? Maybe you can still do that this year, and god bless you if you can. But I think I’d be correct if I said you were in the minority among sports fans.

But why is it? I still love watching college basketball and do it quite often. But names don’t stick the way they used to. I’d love to have a reason as to say why, but I don’t. Perhaps I watch the game differently now, with more emphasis on team rather than individuals. But that’s certainly not the way NBA teams watch, and that includes the 76ers.

So what will they do with the 23rd pick, while needing so much help in every facet of the game? Does it really matter if you have a coach that is hugely reluctant on using young players? So many questions, and for me, very few answers. I do know this. Whatever this team decides to do I think we are all on the same page with this thinking: Please get an athletic wing who attacks the rim, can play some D and knock down jump shots with some consistency. That’s not complicated . No matter who or what you know or don’t know about the players in this draft.