Exercising… blehhhhhh. It can be a hassle, especially during the summer. Aside from having crazy busy work weeks, other factors come into play, like extremely hot temps and an increase in ice cream consumption! (Give us ALL the cookies and cream though!)
But this is all the more reason to stay on top of your game. Although working out is likely the last way you want to spend a summer day, it doesn’t have to be so dreadful. There’s a simple solution to enjoying exercise… music!
For starters, music makes exercising more fun and enjoyable. It also assists with keeping a steady pace, getting your heart rate back to a normal resting level, and elevating your mood. In addition, it provides competition for your brain when it doesn’t know what to focus on: working out or listening to the lyrics. Music is a staple of exercise.
And the best part? So many new songs and albums come out every summer, many of which are perfect for working out to! Plus, there are a lot of creative and fun ways music has been implemented into workout routines. Trainers are starting to use popular artists like Doja Cat and Harry Styles to elevate their workouts by matching the speed of the songs to the speed of the treadmill. Another example of this is weightlifting to the beat of songs that have a powerful rhythm to keep moving at the same pace.
Thanks to our friends at Virtua Health, we put together a list of the top ten songs to add to your workout playlist. Grooving to these songs will not only pump up heart rate, but also get you excited about working out and maybe even encourage others to join you! So get up, get out there, and get active!
Top 10
1. Doja Cat – Get Into It (Yuh)) by Doja Cat
2. About Damn Time by Lizzo
3. As It Was by Harry Styles
4. Only The Good Die Young by Billy Joel
5. Kiss You by One Direction
6. Ride by Twenty One Pilots
7. I’m Ready by AJR
8. Levitating by Dua Lipa
9. Sheesh! by Surfaces and Tai Verdes
10. Say So by Masked Wolf