According to Keith Pompey from the Sixers President Chris Heck is leaving the franchise he has been with since 2013.

Heck said that this was his decision and that “it was time.” The decision had been decided in February but he stayed with the team until now.

Heck was a semi-regular guest on the Anthony Gargano show. He saw the process and mainly saw the arena go from empty to sold-out every game. His biggest contribution was probably introducing the Sixers ceremonial pregame bell ringer. The ritual has become one of the coolest in the sport and its always worth seeing who is ringing the bell if youre heading down to the Wells Fargo Center. From the quotes in Keith’s story it just sounds like Heck was bored and wanted a new challenge.

“I’ve kind of done everything I set out to do except for maybe organize a parade. I’m really happy with what we accomplished during the time period, but it’s on to the next chapter.”