The NFL is king when it comes to sports entertainment in the United States, and with that title comes the high prices associated with the best show in town. It’s more expensive than ever to support our favorite teams, and the Philadelphia Eagles have not been immune to the steady increase in prices. Unfortunately, it looks like the rising cost of Eagles fandom is likely to continue to grow over the next couple years, making it harder and harder for some to afford the game day experience, merchandise, and other aspects of rooting for the birds. According to a study by, the average price of being an NFL fan is expected to rise significantly for some franchises between now and 2025, and the Eagles are one of the top teams listed.

The study took a look at the average cost of being a fan in 2022, factoring in ticket prices, parking, beer, food, and jersey costs for each NFL franchise, and then compared them over previous season to see how prices have been trending. From that, they built out expectations for cost increases over the next couple years, and came up with some figures for each franchise. According to them, the cost of being a fan of the Eagles in 2021 was approximately $353.68. That is expected to increase up to $411.10 by 2025, marking a 16% increase in the cost of being an Eagles fan. That’s the 11th highest cost of fandom in the NFL. In a world where it seems prices are increasing everywhere, this projection means it’s not getting any easier, at least when it comes to taking a trip down to Lincoln Financial Field for a Sunday afternoon.

Now, it could be worse. The Las Vegas Raiders are expected to increase by 99% in the same study, with a cost of fandom at a whopping $771.31. Those are, of course, prices that reflect the glow of the Las Vegas limelight, but it shows exactly where the NFL’s pricing is going: nowhere but up. Start checking the couch cushions now Eagles fans, it’s not getting any easier for us to make it out to see our favorite team in the future.