ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joined the John Kincade Show for his weekly hit (Wednesday’s at 8:10am) and discussed the Eagles starting OTA’s this week. Last year Nick Sirianni elected to not practice nearly as much as Eagles fans are used to. It led to the team being sloppy at the start of the season, but also pretty healthy. So what is Sirianni doing this week?

“I don’t worry too much about these OTAs. I think that they’re used to his system, they know what to expect from him and he knows what to expect from them. Yes they have some new guys, but they’re smart guys. They’ll pick it up. The season is not going to be made or broken on the events of some OTAs in May or June.”

The Eagles are gaining some cap space this week thanks to their cap wizard Howie Roseman. Schefter discussed if he thinks the Eagles could use it on a remaining free agent

“These things are planned out years in advance, and yet there are still scenarios that occur that you can’t plan on, but I guarantee you that they have this all figured out … They’ll always use whatever they can, even if it’s to extend somebody later in the year. They’re not going to just let it go by the wayside.


Check out the full interview below