MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Corey Clement #30 of the Philadelphia Eagles is congratulated by his teammate Jay Ajayi #36 after his 22-yard touchdown reception against the New England Patriots in the third quarter of Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jay Ajayi was the Eagles big acquisition in 2017 and the former Pro-Bowler played a BIG part in the Eagles hoisting a Lombardi trophy in 2018. But the next season Ajayi was in a contract year. For a running back whos bad knees were already a story line, Ajayi decided to protect himself in case a catastrophic injury were to happen. Week 4 it happened.

In an overtime loss to the Titans Ajayi tore his ACL and his career was never the same. After rehabbing he returned to the Eagles for 3 games in 2019 but after that he never played in the NFL again. The torn ACL cost Ajayi millions in future earnings but luckily for the former Boise State standout, he was smart. And now he is FINALLY getting paid.

Anyone who has ever tried to cash in on an insurance claim knows the struggle that Ajayi went through. Insurance companies sure love taking your money, but don’t really like handing it out. So after 4 years Ajayi is finally receiving $5 million dollars for his “loss of value” insurance policy.

Every player should do this. Former USC QB Matt Leinart got ripped for returning to school in 2005 but after the epic Rose Bowl against Texas his elbow was banged up and even though he was a projected top-5 pick, he went back. What most don’t know is he took out an insurance policy for “loss of value.” where Leinart messed up is that his “loss of value” policy only kicked in if he slipped past 15, and Leinart was drafted 11th overall by the Cardinals. But its just good business. If a player is in a contract year they should protect themselves just like Ajayi did.