Mom’s are the best.

Danita Alston took to Twitter and posted a video of her mother Marybelle, who is 88, dancing before bed to Janet Jackson. In a tweet sent to Janet Jackson Danita said that in an effort to get her 88 year old mother tired before bed she dances to (Jackson’s) song. Jackson responded to the tweet saying “I Luv It”

Was she dancing to get tired or was she dancing because Howie Roseman has crushed this offseason so far? As you can see Marybelle is in Eagles sweatpants and is dancing in a room full of Eagles items. You may think that she lives local but she actually lives in Riverview Florida.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer Danita said the response from Janet Jackson was shocking.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was jumping up and down,” Danita told the Inquirer. “I showed my mom and she put her hands over her mouth and said ‘Oh my God she actually responded!’”

Marybelle was sadly diagnosed with dementia and upbeat music like Janet Jackson has been good for her mood. So will another Super Bowl. Keep dancing Marybelle!