After making some controversial comments about Joel Embiid not winning the MVP leading to his poor play in game 5, Charles Barkley joined the Mike Missanelli show to clarify and comment on what he has seen from the series.

When asked to clarify his comments on why he thought the MVP loss played more of a factor in injuries Barkley told Mike Missanelli

“I did not see the aggressive energy in a must win game. Now if y’all want to say he’s hurt, that’s fine… I’m just saying for me personally he did not look aggressive… I thought he was aggressive in the 3rd and 4th quarter but it was too late… Don’t tell me he was in pain first half because in the 3rd and 4th quarter he was aggressive”

But for Barkley, he thinks there is a bigger issue. The Sixers screwing up Embiid’s career thus far.

“Y’all made that awful Harden trade, y’all done screwed up his career, because now y’all stuck with James next year, and he’s only going to get older and worst… It sucks for Joel, and it reminds me of my time in Philadelphia when I was starting to be a great player and y’all traded for guys that couldn’t play dead, and I had to suffer, and I think unfortunately the same thing is getting ready to happen to Joel. That’s really sad, because the kid is a great player, y’all just made an awful trade, and y’all gonna suck again. ”

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