By: Haley Taylor

Philadelphia is a passionate sports city so when the Phillies won, Sixers advanced in the playoffs, and the Eagles made blockbuster moves at the draft, it’s needless to say that great historic sports moments do happen in April.

The Sixers were up 3-0 in against the young Raptors team, but when Joel Embiid tore a ligament in his thumb and lost 2 games in a row it seemed like the inevitable was going to happen. With game 6 taking place in Toronto the Sixers had to finish the series out strong, which they did. Not only were the Sixers the more dominate team winning 132-97 we also saw a hungry James Harden. The shooting guard played 42 minutes racking up 22 points and creating the game winning plays.


The Sixers are set to take on the Heat as games 1 and 2 will be in Miami.

When it comes to the Eagles our faith was in Howie Roseman, and he stepped up this year. With the Eagles going into the draft having the 15th and 18th pick in the first round they traded up two picks (13th) securing the Georgia DT, Jordan Davis.

Davis shared what he was thinking when he got the call from Howie. The 6’6 North Carolina native touched on that special moment stating, “it was a dream come true.” Davis knew the Eagles were interested in him and has already been out to the facilities. The 22 year old has already embraced what it means to be an Eagle.

Then, the blockbuster of the draft happened, A.J Brown. How did this happen? Howie made a trade with the Titans giving then our number 18 pick as well as the Eagles’ 101 pick, a third rounder. The Eagles finally got the wide receiver we’ve been needing.  Brown will be given a four-year $100 million extension and $57 million guaranteed.

We can already see how excited Eagles quarterback; Jalen Hurts is with the trade. Last week Hurts was working out with Brown and now they will have all season to show off their talents.


Overall, you couldn’t ask for a better day to be a Philadelphian. As I say, “We are the best sports city in the world.”