PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 04: Derek Stingley Jr. #7 of the LSU Tigers reacts against the UCLA Bruins in the first quarter at Rose Bowl on September 04, 2021 in Pasadena, California.

NFL Insider Adam Schefter joined the John Kincade Show for his weekly hit (Wednesdays at 8:10am) and talked NFL draft with the guys. The first question had to do with the “run” at a position that we see every year. Last year it was the early run on cornerbacks, and John wondered who it could be this year.

“I still think offensive tackles. To me, those are the guys who will move up the board.”

This could be a great thing for the Eagles who are set at both tackles spots and wont likely take one until the later rounds. But then the conversation went to cornerback. In Jamie Lynch’s Mock Draft 4.0 he had the Eagles taking cornerback Derek Stingley with the 15th overall pick. But Schefter might have put the kibosh on that.

“I dont believe Derek Stingley will be there for the Eagles, not that they would take him anyway.”

That last part jumped out in NEON, and when Jamie followed up by asking what he meant by it, Schefter backtracked claiming he said “I dont know if they would take him anyway.”

Now when Adam Schefter is on you have to read in between the lines. He rarely will come right out and say what he knows, but he will put dots down and let you connect them. This could be one of those situations. Adam may have just revealed that hes been told Derek Stingley Jr. is OFF the Eagles board…..or he really did mean to say “I dont know if they would take him anyway.”

For the full interview listen below