By: Haley Taylor

While the Sixers had another show stopping win over the Raptors last night the real highlight in South Philly was Danny Green’s dunk.



With Sixers fans going ballistic over the 34 year old guard’s dunk; it was his teammates and coaches that had the most enthusiasm about the play of the night.

After the game, Tyrese Maxey, was asked how Green’s dunk came about, “We played Toronto at Toronto a couple weeks ago and I threw him an almost identical pass and Boucher blocked it and I said, Danny, you just got to try to dunk it and he said, I got you in the playoffs.”



Sixers head coach, Doc Rivers, commented on the dunk that changed the game. In Doc’s post-game presser he said, “That’s equivalent to me dunking right now.”


The star himself, Danny Green, took us into his mindset with what lead him to dunk. “I was thinking last time I tried I got blocked by Boucher, so I figured this time I had to make a more aggressive attempt. I told Tyrese I would get him back for that last assist I messed up on so I had to make sure I get this one in.”