Well a big question before Thursday’s Sixers Nets game has seemingly been answered. According to The Athletic’s Sham Charania Ben Simmons is not expected to play on Thursday night when the Nets take on the Sixers at the Wells Fargo Center (shocking.) But he IS expected to be on the bench

This is big in a lot of ways. Sixers fans who spent top dollar for their chance to let Ben Simmons know how you feel will seemingly get their wish. Unfortunately for them bench players dont really get recognized. They arent mentioned by the PA address announcer. So the Sixers fans will just have to boo the entire game. The only way the Sixers can direct their boos at Simmons is if the Sixers roll out a tribute video for the former 3 time All-Star, which honestly would make sense. It would be an obvious troll job by the Sixers because the organization knows exactly how the crowd will react, but they give tribute videos to lesser talents so they sort of have to.

But the Nets might also be looking at it like getting the boo out of the way in case the Sixers play the Nets in the playoffs. The Nets probably dont want his FIRST appearance in the Wells Fargo Center to be in a huge game like a playoff game.