I love blackjack. Its my casino game of choice. If I’m hitting the tables, Im sitting at the $10 blackjack table ready to take the house down. I usually make it roughly 2 1/2 hands before I completely give up on trying to count cards, and within an hour ive busted. But there is one thing I firmly believe when I sit down at a table; play your hand. If you wanna hit and the “rules’ advise you not to, then hit. You want to get wild out there and tap your finger down on a 17, DO IT. Its the human element of the game. Nothing is worse than some degenerate yelling at you that you “took my card.”

But even I have my limits.

Enter Austin! A Sixers fan who went viral Monday night as the team was TRYING to give this man a prize. Maybe the prize was a Ben Simmons Sixers jersey, which in that case his actions were justified. But other than that….what was this man thinking?!

Thoughts and prayers to Austin. I’m sure his phone is blowing up with friends and families and acquaintances just mocking him.  Im sure hes kicking himself as if he compared a body part to a bag of sand during a poker night with his coworkers.

Luckily this will be forgotten before lunch. But if you see Austin sit down at a blackjack table I would suggest you sit a few hands out and enjoy the train wreck.