While Major League Baseball is locking out its players, the baseball Hall of Fame will be welcoming in former players. The class of 2022 will be announced on Tuesday night in a 4 hour special on the MLB Network….which fits because its about the same amount of time it takes you to finish a baseball game. You have to fill 4 hours SOMEHOW so the MLB Network will feature a myriad of guests. One of them will be Jimmy Rollins.

Jimmy Rollins wont be inducted…this time. But it looks like Rollins is staying on the ballot at least for one more year. According to Ryan Thibodaux (a person I have never heard of before a few months ago but he is truly doing the lords work) Rollins will hang on one more year. Thibodaux has been keeping track of the MLB Hall of Fame ballot’s that writers have made public. And A LOT of writers have made their ballots public, which gives you a pretty induction on who is getting into the Hall of Fame, and who is staying on the ballot.

According to Thibodaux Rollins has received 21 votes which is good for 11%. Rollins needs just 5% to remain on the ballot. We have made the case for Rollins, as have many. This first year was crucial for Rollins because the ballot was filled with steroid players who were in their final year. Guys like Bonds and Clemens are going to get in but the writers had to make a STAND! That took away possible votes for Rollins.

I would expect Rollins to be a slow riser on the ballot and eventually get in. But this is the second step into enshrinement.