By Connor Thomas


Yesterday, Eagles GM Howie Roseman and Head Coach Nick Sirianni met with the Philadelphia media for their end of the year availability. Of course, the conversation immediately turned towards Jalen Hurts and the future of the QB position here in Philly. The first question of the press conference was from Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia, and he asked Roseman if he had “Seen enough from Hurts this year to feel comfortable with him as your quarterback moving into the future?” Roseman’s response was this:

                “We talk about [QB] Jalen [Hurts] and the growth he had, really as a first-year starter and second-year player and leading this team to the playoffs. I’m tremendously impressed by his work ethic and his leadership. The last time we talked was during camp and we said we wanted to see him take the bull by the horn, and he certainly did that.”

Correctly so, Frank then pressed Howie’s feet to the fire, asking him if that meant yes. The response was a simple “Yes”. So, there you have it. Jalen Hurts will be the Eagles starting QB for the 2022 season… right? Well, if you trust Howie Roseman than absolutely, he 100% is. The issue, though, is that Roseman hasn’t exactly earned trust in Philadelphia when it comes to the statement about the future of players, especially quarterbacks, with the Eagles. Just last year, in that season’s end of year availability, the Eagles’ GM likened Carson Wentz to a finger on the Eagles hand; unimaginable to be without. I think we all remember how that one turned out: with Wentz shipped out to Indianapolis and Hurts being named the starter for 2021. It doesn’t stop there though. Back in 2016, after trading up to draft Carson Wentz at #2 overall in the 2016 draft, Roseman was asked about the future of then starting quarterback Sam Bradford. His answer? “Let me be clear, Sam Bradford is our starting quarterback.” That was in April, and in September, Bradford was shipped to Minnesota for a 1st round pick to make room for Wentz to start.

That’s not just a fun history lesson folks. That is concrete proof that Howie Roseman has gone against his word multiple times in just the past 5 years or so when it comes to the Eagles’ QB situation. So what does that mean for Jalen Hurts’ future in Philly? I think that there is clear evidence that Hurts has done enough to deserve to be the starting quarterback for the birds in 2022, but those quotes from Howie show that he’s never fully convinced that he has the guy, especially when it comes to the QB position. If the Seattle Seahawks called tomorrow and asked about the Eagles’ interest in Russell Wilson, you better bet that Howie Roseman takes that call, and stays on the phone for a while. If the team becomes enamored with a young QB prospect in the draft and there’s a clear avenue to draft him, don’t think for a second that the move wouldn’t be made. Is it more likely than not that Hurts will take the first snap as QB in midnight green next year? I would say yes. But that is all about Hurts’ performance this season and the other needs of the team, and not remotely about Roseman’s words yesterday. Only time will tell what really will transpire with roster moves and the draft this offseason, and it is sure to be an interesting one over at the NovaCare Complex. The Eagles GM has proven time and time again that his words are temporary, but the quarterback factory is forever.