By: Haley Taylor

The Flyers are notably having one of the worst seasons they’ve had in a long time. With the Flyers gaining a point, but still falling short to the San Jose Sharks this past Saturday, it’s time for some serious reevaluation.

The NHL trade deadline isn’t until March 21st, but it isn’t too early to think what the Flyers will do during the time between now and then.

All eyes are on the Flyers departing ways with Claude Giroux who has been captain since January 2013.

Giroux is playing out his last year of his current nine million dollar contract that holds a no-move clause, which the center can wave.

Saying goodbye to Giroux would open up the cap space which would strengthen this struggling team with new and younger talent, and truly begin to rebuild.

This season Giroux leads the Flyers with points. He still holds value which has peaked interest with a lot of teams throughout the league.

Back in April, Giroux was asked about ending his carrier in Philly, he comments, “This organization has a great reputation and since I’ve been here, they have treated me great. So, if I can, that would be great.”

With Giroux approaching the final years of his career, it’s time for him to have a chance of chasing the cup. Unfortunately, it likely won’t happen with Philly.