No, this is not an article about home improvement. Although to be fair, clean plumbing is equally vital to a healthy existence. Instead, this is all about your digestive system and taking the time to show it some love. But first, some context…

No matter how you observe your holidays, it’s safe to assume you went hard on those seasonal eats. And honestly, how could you not? Did you even celebrate if you didn’t put on that festive 15? We think not.

The point is, this time of year is synonymous with starting over. Setting goals, recharging the engines, New Year, New You, all that jazz. But instead of obsessing over your weight, and potentially spending money on trendy diets and apps – there’s never been a better time to rethink your digestive health!

That’s why we connected with our friends at Virtua GI and Digestive Health to learn about some practical, everyday ways you can reset your stomach and clean out those pipes.

Keep a food journal.

This whole process starts with a change to your diet. And understandably, that can be a bit challenging. A great way to stay on top of your goals is to keep a food journal. Not only will it help visualize your choices – it could help identify any triggers giving you issues. Check out this guide from Virtua Health to get you started!

Drink like a fish.

You’ve probably heard this a million times already, so here’s one more for good measure! Drinking water is essential to keeping your digestive system running smoothly. Plus, water prevents overeating!

The PRO in probiotics.

Probiotics are great for cleaning out your colon. They also reduce inflammation and promote regularity. So think yogurt, tempeh, kimchi, kombucha, and even pickles.

Fiber, because obviously.

Fiber is essentially the rockstar of digestive health – naturally preventing constipation and other issues. Truth be told, we could write an entire article on the benefits of fiber alone. Our favorites: broccoli, beets, carrots, chickpeas, apples, and pears.

Connect to care.

A thoughtful diet is super important to living a gut-healthy lifestyle. But if you’ve been dealing with persistent issues, it might be time to see a specialist.

Virtua GI and Digestive Health built a comprehensive program of specialists devoted to ensuring everything is running smoothly down there. Take this quick health assessment today to see if you might benefit from connecting with their team!