The Eagles improved to .500 after defeating the Washington Football team in week 15. The good news is the Eagles are FIRMLY in the playoff hunt. But the bad news is the Eagles werent the only team to win in week 15 (obviously.) If you have been living under a rock, the Eagles own not only their own first round pick, but also the Dolphins and the Colt. The Colts pick vested this past week thanks to “Mr. Durability” (new nickname) Carson Wentz playing in over 75% of the snaps. But Carson is playing good football and the Colts have won their last two games. But at least the Eagles own the Dolphins pick right? The Dolphins are terrible! Well dont tell the Dolphins that. Because they have won 6 in a row.

So after 15 weeks here are where the Eagles draft picks currently stand:

11th overall pick (Miami)

12th overall pick (own)

23rd overall pick (Colts)

That is down from last week when the Eagles held the 10th, 11th, and 21st overall picks. The Colts will play the Cardinals on Saturday night while the Dolphins play the Saints.