HOUSTON, TEXAS - JANUARY 03: Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans in action against the Tennessee Titans during a game at NRG Stadium on January 03, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joined the John Kincade show for his weekly hit (Wednesdays at 8:10am) and discussed many things, including what exactly Gardner Minshew is. Gardner Minshew led the Eagles to a 33-18 win against the Eagles and was close to perfect in the game. But is Minshew the answer for the Eagles? Probably not.

“The Eagles are fortunate in the sense that they have, I would say, as good a back-up QB as there is in the league, and they essentially stole him for a 6th round pick. That’s a guy that you want back there behind Jalen Hurts at all times, because he’s good enough… I don’t know that I would view it as a reflection of Jalen’s deficiencies so much as I do that the Eagles have two QBs that can play.” 

So who is the Eagles future next season? Is it Jalen Hurts? Is it a QB in the draft? Or is it someone like Deshaun Watson? Schefter gave his opinion on weather or not Jeffrey Lurie would bring a guy like Watson into the fold.

“I do think he would, yes. What happens in the Deshaun Watson investigation; civil cases, how does that play out? We don’t have the answers to that right now… Again, he hasn’t been charged with anything and he has maintained his innocence all along too… I think that Jeffrey Lurie would be swayed enough by what Deshaun Watson could do and how he could play, that I think he would have interest.” 

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