What has RIck Tocchet done to deserve the job? Well he used to play for the Flyers of course! Hes had two head coaching stints (Arizona and Tampa Bay) and has a record of 178-200. To his credit, he has been an assistant on some Stanley Cup winning teams. But this hire would be SO Flyers

Monday the Flyers fired Alain Vigneault, relieving the former coach of his duties after a little over 2 years. The final straw was a 7-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning where the team looked lifeless. Charlie O’Conor from The Athletic joined the John Kincade Show to talk about the firing, and what to expect in the coaching search.

On what led to the firing:

“I think (Chuck) Fletcher was considering a coaching change, I don’t think Fletcher wanted to do it that quickly. But when your team goes out and loses 7-1 in a non-competitive game to a team that’s on a back to back, then if you aren’t going to trade away everyone you don’t want this to completely spiral out of control because youll get fired too. So the easiest button Fletcher could push was firing the coach.”

The name that has been very popular is former Flyer Rick Tocchet. Tocchet has been on good coaching staffs, winning the Stanley Cup as an assistant. But as a head coach he has struggled. In 6 seasons (Tampa and Arizona) he has a coaching record of 178 and 200. But Tocchet is a former Flyer and the Flyers love hiring former Flyers.

“I believe hes in the mix,” Charlie told the Kincade crew. “Obviously the alumni will want to back on of their own. But I dont think hes their only option. I also dont think that if they have a complete turn around that they dont keep Mike Yeo.” 

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