HOUSTON, TEXAS - DECEMBER 05: Carson Wentz #2 of the Indianapolis Colts looks to throw the ball during the first quarter against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium on December 05, 2021 in Houston, Texas.

By Dylan MacKinnon

Week 13 Snaps

Wentz Snaps-59
Team Snaps-73

Total Snaps

Wentz Snaps-851
Team Snaps-877

Well, the celebrations have been postponed. Wentz did not pass the 75% threshold for snaps that are required for the Eagles to get the Colts. The Colts played too well, and they were able to sit him for the final 14 snaps of the game.

Not that there is a reason to be worried. He will very easily cross it in the Colts’ next game. At 67.5 snaps per game, the Colts are on track to play roughly 1.147 snaps. This means Wentz will need roughly 861 total snaps to be at 75%. 10 snaps away. The Colts will be playing about 270 more snaps across these final 4 games. Seems like a safe bet he can play 10 of 240, barring an injury in practice or early in week 15.

For now, he sits at 74.2% of the Colts’ projected year-end total. If the Colts make the playoffs, he only needs to play 70% of the snaps. It’s a lock he will stay above 70%. The Colts would need to play 69 additional snaps on top of what they are projected to over the final 4 games. Pretty much an entire game’s worth of snaps. It would take 85 snaps per game to do that. That is not going to happen.

Colts improved to 7-6, and are a half game out of the playoffs. Also of note, the Colts have scored the most points in the NFL since Nov 1st. They are a genuine good team now, and if they were playing this well at the start of the year theyd be a lock for the playoffs. But the dug themselves a fairly large hole. They are heading into a bye, and if the teams they trail lose in week 14, they could find themselves in a tie without even having to play.

At this point the Colts making the playoffs is a real possibility. They have good teams ahead of them, Chargers and Bengals, but the Colts are playing well too. Obviously the Colts going on a playoff run is not ideal for the draft posistioning. The best their pick could be then is 18th. The Colts have a semi tough schedule remaining. They play the Cardinals, the Patriots, and the Raiders still.

For now, the pick sits at 16th.