PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - NOVEMBER 21: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles drops back against the New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field on November 21, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

By Dylan MacKinnon

Stock Up- Jordan Mailata

As Mailata put it himself, he took Marcus Davenport to IHOP. He had a second helping of pancakes on top of that when he blocked All pro DE Cam Jordan to the ground with one arm. Mailata is turning into a monster at LT. And this is still him inexperienced. Imagine how good he can become if this is him in his first year getting starts? Mailata is a star in the making, and will only get better. He is now 8th in run block win rate according to ESPN Stats and Info. 

Stock Up- The Rest of the O Line

Mailata is not the only Eagles o lineman kicking ass right now. In the game vs a very good Saints defense, they gave up only two pressures, both allowed via Jason Kelce. Driscoll, Johnson, Mailata, and Dickerson all allowed 0 pressures. And in the run game, again vs the number one rush defense, the allowed 186 yards before contact. They were opening up college football size holes for the running backs. This Eagles O line has a strong case for the best in the league. They are collectively the MVP’s of this recent run. As a team, they are 6th in pass block win rate, and 2nd in run block win rate.

Stock Up- Jalen Hurts

Hurts still has some work to do with his arm. But man can he run. He became the first QB to score 3 TDs since Russell Wilson in 2021. He was making Saints players look silly out on the field. And while he did struggle in the second half throwing the ball, and that is a concerning trend, he continues to show some progression with his ability to throw. With 3 first round picks, the Eagles will have a chance to either draft, or trade for a QB this off season. But Hurts is making a case for the Eagles to hold off, and give him more time. Again, he still needs to improve his arm. But he is giving them reason to believe he can.

Stock Up- Devonta Smith

Despite his recent greatness, many in this city were concerned Smith would struggle this week vs a top CB like Marshon Lattimore. And while he did not show off the same way he did the week prior, he still produced. He went head to head with a elite NFL corner, and did not blink. 4 catches, and 61 yards. He showed that he can make plays no matter how good the guy lined up across from him is.

Stock Down- WRS Not Named Devonta Smith

Meanwhile, the other WRs were once again no shows. Quez Watkins did get open once, but Hurts didn’t notice him. Outside that, Watkins and Jalen Reagor made very no impact in this game. The Eagles badly need a 3rd player to step up in the receiving game. But there is no reason to believe it can be Reagor. He has a net of 5 receiving yards in the last 4 games. Forget comparing him to Justin Jefferson. At this point you can compare the former first round pick to almost any WR from that draft class and he does not stack up.

Stock Up- Darius Slay

Slay is a star. That is now three TD returns for him. He has as many TDs since week 8 as the Lions have total as a team in that timespan. The pick 6 he had vs the Saints was his also his 3rd interception. And when he is not scoring TDs or causing turnovers, he is shutting down whomever he covers. PFF has him as the fifth highest graded CB in pass coverage. Vs the Saints, he allowed only 9 yards on one catch. Forget Pro Bowler, he might be having an All Pro season.

Stock Up- Miles Sanders

Now this comes with an asterisk. Early on it looked bad for Sanders. He fumbled at the 4 yard line, and then almost did so again, but was saved by the refs. At that moment I was ready to write Sanders off. But to his credit, after Jordan Howard went down he came back in and ran really well. He took advantage of the holes the o line created, and avoided the mistakes he used to make which were making too many cuts. He ended up having a very nice game if you forgive the fumble. Behind this line, he could be very productive. With no Jordan Howard for at least this Sunday, he will have to be.

Stock Up- Dallas Goedert

Goedert is a first down machine. Four of his 5 catches went for a first down. One of which, was a hugely impressive grab with his finger tips. For a while Goedert was buried behind Zach Ertz on the depth chart. When the greatest TE in franchise history is in front of you, it is hard to really make your mark. Well ever since Ertz was traded, Goedert has made his mark. He has a lot to prove after the massive contract the Eagles just gave him. He looks on his way to doing so.

Stock Up- Avonte Maddox

Another player who just got a new deal, is also showing he is worth it. Maddox struggled last year on the outside. But ever since he moved back to the slot, he has dominated. Maddox this year is top 5th in yards allowed per completion. PFF has him as their 9th best corner so far this year. He has 6 pass deflections, has forced a fumble, and has a interception. Maddox when in the slot has been a star.

Stock Up- Jake Elliott

Elliott was bad last year. But this year, he has been automatic. He has hit every extra point attempt, and has missed only two field goals. One of those was blocked. He is 3 for 3 on FGs over 50 yards. He has bounced back very nicely from a bad season, and deserves credit for that.