DENVER, COLORADO - NOVEMBER 14: Darius Slay #2 of the Philadelphia Eagles returns a fumble for a touchdown during the second half against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field At Mile High on November 14, 2021 in Denver, Colorado.

By Dylan MacKinnon

Stock Up- Jalen Hurts

Hurts really is an enigma. There have been times this year where he looked lost and incapable of making simple throws. But his overall numbers suggest he is having a good year. And the first half of this game was perhaps the best he has ever looked. Had Quez Watkins not dropped the ball in the end zone, he would have had a 3rd TD. His second half was not as good, but still, overall it was a good game for him. We still need to see more consistency, but it was a promising sign.

Stock Up- Nick Sirianni

Sirianni has done what too many coaches are too stubborn to ever do. He adjusted. After barely ever running it early on, he has pivoted to being a run first offense. This week he also managed to draw up some well-designed passing plays. I am still not convinced he is a good coach, but I am at the least convinced he deserves another year to grow as a coach and play-caller. The simple fact he is open to change is a promising sign. Also, the fact he went through a 1-5 stretch and still has the team playing hard for him, shows he can at the least handle a locker room. And he may even coach his way into the playoffs now.

Stock Down- Derek Barnett

Derek Barnett has only 2 sacks on the season. Even worse, he now has 6 penalties. Most of those were very impactful penalties that allowed the opposing team to continue a drive. There comes a time where we have to say his minimal production is just not worth the headache. He produces more negative plays than he does positive ones. We could put up with these boneheaded mistakes was he playing well. but he isn’t. He is an average DE. And average is not good enough when you do dumb stuff, like the roughing the passer he got called for vs the Broncos.

Stock Down- Jalen Reagor

Reagor has not had more than 25 total yards since week 3 vs Dallas. In that time, he has 5 weeks with less than 10 receiving yards. It is not even worth it to point out the difference in production between him and Justin Jefferson anymore. Its clear now Eagles made the wrong choice. Reagor hasnt even had many flashes of talent. He hasnt had almsot any explosive plays, which is what we were suppoosed to be getting from him. He was sold on his speed, but he honestly does not that fast on the field. Could the Eagles use him in better ways? Sure. But a lot of his struggles fall squarley on him just not being very good.

Stock Up- Devonta Smith

But do you know who is very good? Devonta Smith. He is easily the best WR the Eagles have had since Jeremy Maclin. And he could be better than him too. Smith is smooth. Watching him run routes is a thing to marvel at. He was facing a very good CB in Patrick Surtain. And while Surtain played well, Smith played better. The best moment was easily the leaping endzone grab. It is so nice to once again have a WR capable of highlight reel plays. But he is more than that. Smith is a legit no 1 WR. The people who feared his small size would hurt him at theis level, were very mistaken.

Stock Down- Quez Watkins

Watkins had a chance to make a highlight reel play of his own, but he dropped it. It wasnt even a tough catch. Hurts could not have placed the ball better. Watkins just short armed it, and what should have hit his hands went off his fingers. We keep seeing flashes from Watkins, but we have yet to get the breakout we expected. Even this play, despite the drop, was a flash of potential. He made a move that got him open, but could not finish. I still think Watkins can be a WR2 at this level. But he needs to do more than just show flashes. He needs to produce.

Stock Up- Darius Slay

Slay has had a fanatstic season. After making very few ‘big plays’ last year, “Big Play Slay,” has been a consistent source of them this year. He now has 2 interceptions, two fumble recoveries, and 2 TDs. But more than that, he has shut wrs down every week. This week was no different. He allowed only 1 catch for -2 yards on Sunday. The cornerbakcs as a group have been better than expected. But Slay in particular stands out.

Stock Up- Jordan Howard and Boston Scott

Over 160 yards on 24 carries this week between the two of them. Their presence has changed this team into a power run offense. There is no playing around with these two. They attack the hole, and get every yard they can get. They never saw the field before Mile Sanders got hurt, and have made this team perhaps the best running offense in the league since they started getting snaps. I am not saying Miles Sanders should not get snaps when he is back. But I am saying you cant stop giving these two snaps.

Stock Up- Davion Taylor

I am not convinced Taylor was worth the 3rd round pick, yet. But I will give credit where it is due. He made a fantastic play, the forced a fumble, and led to a Darius Slay TD. It was probably the game sealing play. He also had a nice game otherwise, with a second defensice stop earlier in the game. With the Eagles at LB, baby steps are giant. Having a LB capable of even making a play is something to be ha;ppy about. Can he do so consistently? We will have to wait and find out. But he has earned starting minutes.

Stock Up- The Whole O Line

The Eagles O Line are the real MVP of this run. The Eagles run game is very much thanks to excelent run blocking from this group. Just watch them for a snap, instead of watching the ball carrier. You will see things like Lane Johnson putting defenders on their butt. And then are no sluches in the pass blocking department either. Jalen Hurts has had mostly clean pockets of late. They are the collective MVP of the team. Even with multiple starters out, they continue to dominate.