LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - OCTOBER 24: Owner Jeffrey Lurie of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts before the game against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on October 24, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By Dylan MacKinnon

Sell Sell Sell!

If this was a real stock market, wed be facing an economic crisis. Because the value of many players, coaches, and executives stock plummeted to an all-time low all in one day. Traders are now scrambling to save their investments. Because it is ugly right now on Broad Street. The Eagles are 2-5 and are coming off yet another embarrassing performance. This may be their worst yet. There is little, if at all, positive to say. Here is the weekly Stock Report for the Eagles after their loss in Las Vegas.

Stock Down- Jalen Hurts

If you were invested in Hurts being the future of the Eagles at QB, I have bad news for you. Because after yet another awful performance, things are looking bleak for his chances to be a franchise QB. He is only 16th in yards, 22nd in yards per attempt, 16th in TDs, 26th in QBR, and 29th in completion percentage. The tape does not make those bad numbers any better. He misses what should be simple throws, and sometimes doesn’t even notice wide-open receivers. All the talk of 1% better every day, and rent being due,  and every other cliche he rattles off a breakneck pace every time he speaks, won’t fix his problem.

He is just not good enough to be the guy, at least not right now. Can he improve? I mean we have seen guys figure things out a couple of years in before. But what we have seen so far is bad.

Stock Down- Nick Sirianni

If Nick Sirianni was a company, there would be an emergency shareholder meeting right now. Everyone who had invested their money into Sirianni would be screaming at the Board for causing them to lose so much money. Because Nick Sirianni looks lost as an NFL Coach.

His play calling is atrocious and predictable. The Eagles at one point were first and goal at the 1. He called a QB Sneak, which makes sense, but the play got broken up, and only got half a yard. And instead of calling a second sneak, he went into the shotgun, there was a bad snap, and the Eagles fumbled and lost the ball. 2 and goal at the half-yard line, and he was in shotgun. Who does that?

Then earlier in the game he had the Raiders stopped 4th and 4, but instead accepted a holding call, which led to the Raiders getting a 2nd chance to convert, which they did with a 40-yard completion. The Eagles would later get an interception, but the decision-making by Sirianni still made no sense.

Stock Down- Jonathan Gannon

All off-season all we heard was how respected Gannon was in the NFL. Apparently, every team wanted to hire him. After watching him run the defense for 7 games, I am baffled as to why. It is the blandest vanilla defense I have ever seen. No aggression, no blitzing, no pressing. Seemingly the only thing Gannon wants to do is not give up a deep ball. He is perfectly fine with opposing teams going down the field in 5-10 yard chunks. Bend don’t break? They have got the bending part down. But they keep forgetting to not break.

And now the veterans of the defense are publicly expressing their frustration with how conservative the play calling is. Are we sure they hired the correct Jonathan Gannon? This cant be the same coach who had so much hype. Because at this point I would take Juan Castillo back over what the Eagles are currently doing on defense.

Stock Down- Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox is right about Jonathan Gannon’s scheme. The Eagles’ defensive game plan needs to be far more aggressive. That doesn’t excuse his poor play. He says he gets paid to sack the QB. Well, then why does he have only a single sack this season? Why does he have two games now where he doesn’t show up on the stat sheet at all.  And what does he mean he isn’t paid to cover screens? You are paid to play DT. If the play is a screen pass, then it is part of your job to try and stop it. Cox gets paid a ton of money and is doing very little this year to justify it. If he was still the player he thinks he is, he could still make his mark even in this awful scheme Gannon is running.

Stock Up- Jalen Reagor

There is at least one guy I want to credit. Especially since it is someone who I have listed on the stock downside in many weeks. Reagor made a very impressive play in this game. He was in triple coverage and rose into the air to attack a ball, making the catch, and then slipping past his 3 defenders into the endzone. It was the type of play you would expect him to make if you watched his college tape. In college, he routinely would attack the ball in the air and make leaping catches.  He had not done that to this point in the NFL.

In fact, he had shown very little of his college self to this point in his career. But after the play he made, he deserves recognition. Not saying this means he is good. He has a lot more to prove. But it is at least something to build on.

Stock Down- Alex Singleton

Alex Singleton is not a starting player in the NFL. He showed some flashes as a role guy last year. And he is perfect as a guy who occasionally plays a little defense, but predominantly plays special teams. But ask him to start, and things will get ugly. It feels like every time he makes a tackle he is being dragged an extra 3-5 yards. And then there are his issues in pass coverage. He has given up the most receptions, 7th most yards, and 2nd most TDs. Not among linebackers, among all NFL Players. Eagles are getting killed by TEs this season. Six times a tight end has gotten into the endzone vs them. And he is a big reason why. But Linebackers aren’t important. Don’t worry, we will get to the reason why Alex Singleton is a starter for the Eagles next.

Stock Down- Howie Roseman

Howie was not playing or coaching on Sunday, so it is weird to say a single game made him look bad. But what we saw in Las Vegas was a culmination of everything Howie has done wrong. Jalen Hurts looked bad, and it just brings back up how dumb that 2nd round pick was. The linebackers were awful, and it has been Howie who has refused to invest any resources in LBs. Nick Sirianni was terrible, and that is the coach Howie hired. In fact it is the 3rd coach Howie hired in a decade. And Howie had to hire him because apparently many of the good candidates did not want to work with Howie. Every problem comes back to Howie. As long as he is here, there will always be dysfunction. And there is one more person who is to blame. The guy that allows that dysfunction to continue.

Stock Down- Jeffrey Lurie

Roseman should have been out the door with Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz. Howie got one more chance several years ago. After Chip Kelly was fired, Lurie reinstated Roseman, gave him a chance to prove himself. Roseman tied his fortune to a coach and a QB. So why did he get to outstay both of those men? Because of the Super Bowl. Doug was part of that too. Why did Howie get a pass but not Doug? Is it because Howie and Jeff are friends? If so, that is a serious problem.

Lurie allows this to continue. Nothing will be fixed until we have a clean slate, starting at the very top. Howie Roseman’s time has come and gone. This needs to be his final year. If Lurie continues to put his friendship with Howie ahead of the future of his franchise, then he alone is to blame for the continued dysfunction.