PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 03: Howie Roseman, General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, looks on before the game against the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field on December 3, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The Eagles kicked off their “EVERYTHING MUST GO” sale two weeks ago when they traded Zach Ertz to Arizona. Yesterday another domino feel when they traded Joe Flacco to the Jets for a conditional 6th round pick. The pick can become a 5th rounder depending on Flacco’s playing time. But the Eagles are far from done selling off assets.

The trade deadline is a week from Monday, and there are more than a few Eagles who could be playing for other teams. Andre Dillard was highlighted as a player who could be on the move.

The former 1st round pick finally got to play his natural position of left tackle this season. But the Eagles have already given Jordan Mailata an extension, so it leaves Dillard without a position unless he was willing to move to left guard. You should expect Dillard to be playing elsewhere by 4pm on November 2nd.

But this Eagles team should be listening to calls on EVERYONE. A team calls on Fletcher Cox? Do it! A team is interested in Rodney McLeod? Do it! Other than a select few younger players, this entire team should be available for the right price. Because honestly, what’s the point of keeping these vets?

The Eagles Currently hold 11 draft picks.

two first round picks.

two second round picks.* (Could become a first)

one third round pick.

one fourth round pick.

three fifth round picks

and two sixth round picks

While keeping vets like Rodney McLeod, or even a Jason Kelce just for sentimentalities sake is nice, its not the wise move. The Eagles did good by Zach Ertz. The best Tight End in franchise history now has a shot to contend, and truly compete for a Super Bowl. And while it was great to do right by an all time great, it was also a smart business move for the future. The Eagles got cornerback depth, and another 5th round pick.

The Eagles could bolster their war chest in the next week. And while Howie Roseman has struggled to find contributors in the draft, a blind squirrel will eventually locate a nut. The more shots you have, the better chance you find that player who can turn around your franchise. OR the more pieces you have to go out and acquire an impact player. Don’t be nostalgic, be smart. Trade everybody.