By Dylan MacKinnon

*updated to reflect most recent snap count numbers*

It is looking better and better for the Eagles to get the Colts pick. Once again Carson Wentz played every snap. This time even in a win, as the Colts managed to beat the Texans, and finally advance to 2 wins. Plus he stayed healthy. Eagles are getting closer and closer to securing a 3rd first round pick. and there was a sign in this game that should help calm the nerves of Eagles fans worried the Colts will bench Wentz so he falls below 75%. Here is the snap breakdown for Wentz so far.

Week 6 Snap Count

Wentz Snaps-48
Team Snaps-48
Percentage- 100%

Total Snap Count

Wentz Snaps-387

Team Snaps-392


Wentz could miss the next 129 snaps before falling below 75% of the snaps. He could miss 167 snaps before he falls below 70%. That number will only be relevant if they make the playoffs, which remains unlikely despite this win.

The Colts average 65.333 snaps a game. That puts them on pace to have 1,111 total snaps by season end. This means Wentz will need to play 834 snaps to stay above 75%. meaning he needs 447 more snaps. At this rate, he will need to play in 7 more games to reach that number. Which would bring the Colts through week 13, and to their bye week in week 14.

The debate across social media has been would the Colts bench Wentz if they fall out of contention. Some think it’s a no-brainer they will bench him. Others say there is no chance they bench him. And the arguments on both sides have merit. On one hand, why would they let him play for nothing when it would cost them a high first-round pick? But there is also an argument that benching Wentz, especially if he is playing well, could create future problems. If Wentz is healthy, and playing well, and they view him as their future at QB, benching Wentz sends him and the team a bad message.

In truth, we do not know what the Colts will do. Today they had a game well in hand and continued to send Wentz out to take snaps while running down the clock. That does not seem like a team that is scared of him playing too many snaps and losing their first-round pick. It seems more like a team showing dedication to their guy, even if its at the team’s cost. A promising trend for any fans concerned about a late-season benching.

Still, it is probably for the best if they remain in semi contention. Beating a bad team like the Texans, and keeping the Colts in striking distance makes it all the harder for the Colts to pull the trigger on benching him. They have several more winnable games vs teams like the Jaguars and Jets upcoming. All Eagles need is for Wentz to get through week 13. After that, it may not be possible to get Wentz under 75%, even if he is benched.

Ideally, he keeps playing well and wins a couple more games. Stick around until the bye week, and then lose the last 4 games of the season. If everything goes to plan, the Eagles could have 3 very high picks. The Dolphins look like it may be a top 5 pick after they lost to the winless Jaguars, even with Tua back. The Eagles’ own pick could very well be a top 10 pick. And then the Colts are also in the top 10 area with only 10 wins.

Right now it looks very likely the Eagles end up with the Colts’ pick. And concerns he will be benched are a bit overblown.