By Connor Thomas


The Flyers’ 2021-22 season opener is just days away, and they’ll look to use this year to right the wrongs of last season. It was a year to forget for the Flyers, but they are a re-tooled team with promise that could lead to a playoff run. But could this year be the first since 1975 where the Stanley Cup is hoisted in Philly? There would have to be a lot that goes right for the orange and the black to make it happen, but their odds are not completely preposterous. In fact, there are some signs that point to a bet on the Flyers to be the top dog in the NHL being a solid investment. I’ve personally bet a large sum of money (17 American Dollars) on this wager already, and again, there are some good reasons why you should join me.

First of all, look at the editions that GM Chuck Fletcher made this offseason. Between Ryan Ellis, Cam Atkinson, Rasmus Ristolainen, Keith Yandle, and Martin Jones, the Flyers have added numerous assistant captains and a much stronger veteran presence than what the team had last season. They aren’t bona fide cup winners, but the more veterans you can add to a locker room, the better off that team will be, especially later on in the season. Outside of what those individual players can bring on the ice – and Ellis and Atkinson can bring plenty – the locker room will undoubtedly have a great environment for the entirety of this season. Chemistry = Cups.

And yet, you don’t need the Flyers to win the Stanley Cup for this bet to be worthwhile. Right now, the Flyers are +3100 to win the Stanley Cup, meaning that a $10 bet would pay out $310. Those are huge odds, the 14th best in the NHL. If the Flyers simply make the playoffs, their odds will probably improve on that, meaning you could be looking at a healthy cash out option. The Flyers have alternating making and missing the playoffs for the past decade, and after falling short last year, are now due to make it into the dance at the least. It’s not a guarantee that that trend will continue, but the team looks talented enough to make it a reality. Then, once the bullies make their way into the playoffs, you can either pull out your money and take a profit, or hedge your way until the Flyers lose! Hell, you can even let it ride if the Flyers put together a crazy regular season and are looking like cup favorites. There are so many ways to win when the preseason odds are this high, so jump on the train with me and throw some money down on your Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup. Even if they don’t, it could be a very lucrative bet.