In the latest chapter of “As the Simmons turns”….or maybe its “Days of our Ben”….anyway, doesnt matter, Ben Simmons might actually be coming BACK to Philly! This according to the Athletic’s Shams Charania.

In a tweet put out Monday, and “confirmed” (ill call it that when the two have virtually identical tweets) by Adrian Wojnarowski, Charnia stated that Rich Paul and the Sixers were working on an arrangement to have Simmons return to the team. BUT this doesnt mean all is forgiven. Simmons returning would be nothing more in an attempt to rebuild his trade value, thus making it easier to facilitate a deal. The same thing played out a year ago in Houston with James Harden, albeit way less hostile.

So in a nut shell. He might come back….but he might not. For REAL breaking news just keep it on the Fanatic!