ARLINGTON, TEXAS - SEPTEMBER 27: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles throws a second half pass while playing the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium on September 27, 2021 in Arlington, Texas.

Wow, if we thought week 2 was bad, week 3 was even worse. The Eagles lost 41-21, but somehow it feels like they should have been beaten even worse. Hell, there probably should have been at least one more TD if they counted the Prescott sneak that looked to have been a score but was called short. But did anyone see their stock rise in Monday nights walloping? Here is your Eagles week 3 stock report.

Stock Down- Nick Sirianni

In week 1 Sirianni was praised for calling to the game to best fit Hurts play style. Got the ball out quick to fast WRs in space. Then he decided to never try doing that again. He also decided he was done ever running the ball. Eagles called a run on only 9% of their plays Monday night. It was the 4th lowest rate across the NFL in 15 years. Their running backs had only 3 carries. 3! They ran 0 plays with pre-snap motion. Sirianni had a terrible game. The offense felt overmatched and he called nothing that helped them get comfortable. Which makes no sense given that’s what he was praised so much for in week 1. Why did he decide to get away from that? I suppose he will be “beating himself up” again all week.

Stock Down- Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts looked lost in week 3. None of his throws were on time, or on target, it felt like. He had a bad underthrow on a deep ball that was picked off. Later, he had a pick 6 where he stared Devonta Smith down so much he made it easy for Trevon Diggs to jump the route. He looked skittish and was bailing out of plays to try to scramble around way too early and often. After he looked so good in week 1, we have yet to see that QB again. Through 7 games we have seen some flashes, but also way too much inconsistency. Sirianni needs to do more to help Hurts be comfortable but Hurts just needs to make some throws. He left too many yards on the field by missing open wrest. He had one overthrow on a short route to Goedert that could have turned into a TD.

Stock up- Javon Hargrave

If any deserves credit for this game, it is Hargrave. He was the lone man winning his matchup more often than he lost it. The biggest moment was of course a strip-sack in the end zone that Fletcher Cox scooped up for a TD. But even outside that, he was playing well most of the night. He has been a force every week. He’s now up to 4 sacks, 6 QB hits, 18 tackles, 5 for a loss, and of course a forced fumble. He is generating a pass rush on almost 30 of his pass-rush snaps, which is the highest among all DTs. Plus, he leads his position in sacks, tackles for loss, solo tackles, pass rush win rate, and is 2nd in QB hits. Hargrave has been playing like the best DT in the NFL.

Stock Down- Derek Barnett

Big surprise, Barnett had more dumb penalties. First, he was caught getting off the field too slow. Then later, on a third and long, he jumped way offside, and turned a 3rd and long into a 3rd and short. The Cowboys then converted the first down. He has more penalties than sacks in his career. With Brandon Graham done for the year, they will need to rely on Barnett. There is little reason to have faith in him stepping up.

Stock Down- Landon Dickerson

It is a bit unfair, because the guy is coming back from a major injury, and was thrown into a staring role his rookie year after having no offseason practice. But he was bad in week 3. Worse than he was in week 2. He ended a few plays on his butt, which is always a bad sign for an O Lineman. Again, he is a rookie, and still recovering, so this is not a comment on his long-term value. But in the short term, it could continue to be ugly. If not for the Seumalo injury, i would have said let Nate Herbig play RG. But now they need Dickerson to keep playing. Hopefully he will improve. But they are putting him in a bad spot.

Stock Up- Andre Dillard

Dillard performed well in this game. He was not a stud, but he did his job, and we did not hear his name called much. That’s what you usually want from a LT. He was not perfect, but he did better than anyone expected. Mailata still is the long-term plan at LT, but Dillard being not a disaster does two things for the Eagles. It helps them as long as Mailata is hurt. Then it can help them be able to trade Dillard to a team in need of a LT. They won’t get enough to justify the first-round pick, but it will at least not be a complete loss.

Stock Down- Jonathan Gannon

This was the most surprising part of the game for me. The Cowboys ran the same plays over and over again and kept having success. They ran it right into the teeth of the Eagles defense, and he had no answer. Part of that is Gannon having nothing to work with at Linebacker, but even still, he made no adjustments. Gannon was touted as a super star defensive coordinator. The guy lots of teams had their eye on. We did not see it in week 3. Hopefully, it is just a blip, but it was concerning to see Gannon be gob smacked by the Cowboys’ fairly simple plan of attack.

Stock Up- Quez Watkins

More explosive plays by the sophomore WR. In week 2 he had a 91-yard catch and run and hit the top speed to that point in the NFL. Week 2 he did it again this time with a 41 yard play, once again dazzling with his speed. He didn’t find the end zone, but he is making plays, which is more than we can say for a lot of the offense. His speed is legit, and he knows how to use it. He also has decent hands to go with the speed. If the Eagles’ offense could figure itself out, he could be a very dynamic player.

Stock Down- All the Linebackers

When the Cowboys were running the ball, the linebackers got gashed on the ground. When the Cowboys threw the ball, the linebackers were burned by the Tight Ends. Linebacker has been a big issue for this team for a long time. It showed in the loss to the Cowboys. Alex Singleton may be the only somewhat dependable guy, and even he struggled. Maybe one day the eagles will prioritize and get a stud linebacker. but until then, pick their opponents tight end in Daily fantasy. They play the Chiefs and Travis Kelce next week.

Stock Down- The Health of the Offensive Line

Its ridiculous how many injuries this team has dealt with along the o line the past few years. Last year Lane Johnson, Brandon Brooks, and Issac Seumalo all missed most of the season. Three weeks into this season, they have already lost Issac Seumalo for the year, and Brandon brooks and Jordan Malaita are both dealing with injuries that have caused them to miss a game. Health has been a big issue for the team overall. It has plagued them across multiple medical staffs, and now multiple coaching staffs. I am not sure who put this curse on the Eagles, but they need to remove it.