NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - SEPTEMBER 26: Ola Adeniyi #92 of the Tennessee Titans sacks quarterback Carson Wentz #2 of the Indianapolis Colts in the second quarter of the game at Nissan Stadium on September 26, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee.

By Dylan MacKinnon

A week ago the fear was Wentz would be missing the game. He had two sprained ankles, and it felt more than likely he would miss some time. But credit to Wentz, he not only started with two broken ankles, but he also played every snap. This means he is still well on track to play 75% of the snaps. And that means the Eagles are still on track to get what is looking to be a high first-round pick. Here are the numbers about Carson Wentz’s Snap Count so far.

Week 3 Snap Count

Team Snaps-61
Wentz Snaps- 61
Total Percentage- 100%

Total Snaps Count

Team Snaps-204
Wentz Snaps-199
Total Percentage-97.5%

Wentz would have to miss the next 62 snaps to fall below 75% of the team snaps. For what it is worth, he would have to miss the next 81 snaps to fall below 70% of the snaps. But that number is only relevant if the Colts make the playoffs. The Colts are 0-3. Only 6 teams have made the playoffs since 1980 after starting the season 0-3. Only 1 has since the year 2000. Their chances of making the playoffs are about 2%.

The Colts are averaging 68 snaps per game. At that pace, Wentz will need about 867 snaps to reach 75% for the season. He needs 668 more snaps to theoretically lock in 75%. At a pace of 68 snaps, Wentz needs to play in 9.8 more games to get to that number.

The Colt’s poor play raises a concern though. If they keep losing and are out of contention. Will they pull him from games? On the bright side the more they lose the higher that pick gets. But the concern will be them benching him if they keep losing. Right now it would be the 3rd overall pick. The Colts do not have a decent backup, but if they are out of contention is it worth playing a QB who clearly isn’t helping you win games, and losing such a valuable pick?

Eagles will need Wentz to play about 13 games to stay above 75%. So it may be for the best if the Colts stay in the race through week 13. In these next 10 games, they play the Dolphins, Ravens, Texans, Niners, Titans again, Jets, Jaguars, Bills, Bucs, and then the Texans again. Some of those games are tough to see the Colts winning. But there are some very bad teams as well. The Jets, Texans, Jaguars, and Dolphins are all very beatable.

It is also important to note they play in the AFC South. It may be the worst division in Football. Jaguars are 0-3 like the Colts. Texans are 1-2, and the team they beat is the Jaguars. And then the Titans are 2-1, but one of those wins was a semi-competitive game with the Colts. Colts may be able to stick around in this division if they can beat these bad teams on their schedule. If there is hope to win the division, it is tough to see the Colts throwing in the towel by playing Jacob Eason under center.

Wentz did make it through the game with no new injuries. And if he was able to play this week with two sprained ankles, it is tough to see them preventing him from playing in the coming weeks. They are low ankle sprains, so they are on the less severe side. They will be monitored, but for now, it should be assumed he is going to keep playing.

Something to note though is the injury to the Colts All-Pro Guard Quenton Nelson. He is expected to miss some time with a high ankle sprain. Losing your best O Lineman is not ideal when the hope is to keep Wentz from being hit and being injured.

For now, it is only good news on the Wentz pick front. On the surface Wentz playing every snap and the Colts losing is the best scenario. But again the fear will be of Colts falling so far back they bench Wentz. It may be best if they win a few. They can help the Eagles by beating the Dolphins this next Sunday. Not only will that help keep themselves in contention, but the Eagles have the Dolphins’ first-round pick too, and there is no condition on that. Eagles will get it no matter what and right now they are 1-2 with their QB on the IR. Their pick would be 6th overall if the season ended today.