No one at this station is a bigger fan of Jordan Mailata than myself. I hated the Andre Dillard pick. The idea of trading up to draft a left tackle after taking a developmental left tackle a year before drove me nuts. But it happened. And Andre Dillard was supposed to be the heir apparent to Jason Peters. But instead of Andre Dillard it ended up being that developmental left tackle who ended up getting the extension and Andre Dillard was a man left without a position.

But Andre Dillard isnt the typical “bust per say. JJ Arcega-Whiteside is a bust. He plays a position the Eagles desperately needed and he couldnt get on the field. He still cant get on the field. Hes terrible and only on the team because Howie Roseman is still clinging to hope that the player he THOUGHT he was getting when JJAW was drafted finally shows up. He wont. Hes a bust. Dillard however is a completely different story.

His first year he filled in for Lane Johnson and he looked like Winston Justice against Osi Umenyiora. He was absolutely brutal. But you can put an asterisk next to the start because it WASNT his natural position. In his second year he was the projected left tackle but he tore his pectoral muscle in camp and was out for the season. Then he came into camp this season and was competing for the job with Mialata but he was injured in camp and lost out. So to recap: Didnt play this natural position in his rookie year

injured in his second year out for the season

lost out to an athletic freak in training camp for the job

These are all excuses but the fact is the jury is still out on weather or not Andre Dillard can be a serviceable left tackle in the NFL. And because of that, this start is HUGE. Not for Andre Dillard’s Eagles future, but for Andre Dillard’s future with another way. In a weird way, this could be a blessing in disguise for the Eagles. Because right now Andre Dillard has no trade value. The Eagles MIGHT be able to get a 6th round pick? IF theyre lucky. But if Andre Dillard could put some good tape together while Jordan Mialata is out then he immediately boosts that value.

Suddenly the Eagles might be able to get something for the former first round pick. Dillard plays arguably the second most important position in football, protecting the quarterbacks blindside. Hes also incredibly cheap, due just $2 million for next season. Dillard could be a nice low buy for a team with a bad offensive line and a few extra mid round picks.

Howie Roseman has never shy’d away from trades. Hes the most active GM in football on the trade market. This year will be a bit different however as Roseman will likely look to sell off assets for more picks. Andre Dillard could possibly be one of those pieces moved if he ups his trade value in these next few games.