PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - SEPTEMBER 19: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles passes against the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field on September 19, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Eagles followed up an impressive week 1, with a very disappointing week 2. They just never got going in this game, and costly mistakes led to them leaving points on the field. But even in the loss, were there any standouts to give some praise to? Let’s see who on the Eagles stock rose, and whose stock is dropping after the week 2 loss to the 49ers.

Stock Slightly Down- Jalen Hurts

I can’t sit here and put the blame for Sunday on Hurts. But I also can’t let him off the hook either. The passing game was nonexistent for much of the game, and if it wasn’t for a single explosive play, they wouldn’t have even had 100 passing yards. Part of that is on a poor game plan. Part of it is on the WRs not getting open. But it is also on Hurts. He didn’t look bad per se, but he wasn’t able to make the throws into tight windows the way you would want a franchise Qb to do. He did that fairly well in week 1, so maybe it was just a bad week. Were Hurts an actual stock, it would be the time to hold during a slight dip in value. Wait and see what he looks like this week vs the Cowboys.

Stock Up- Eagles Run Defense

Another impressive week by the Eagles run defense. As I pointed out in my 5 numbers article after the game, they have held opposing teams to just 3.02 yards per carry since the third drive of the Falcons game. The Eagles stout d line, especially up the middle, has been a force in the run game. And before you think it’s because they aren’t playing tough RBs. the 49ers averaged 4.7 yards per rush in week 1. The Eagles run D is at least one thing fans will be able to rely on this season.

Stock Down- Nick Sirianni

Nick Sirianni’s coaching debut was impressive as can be. His follow-up was equally disappointing. He admitted his goal-line playcalling was bad, but that was not the only issue. The pivot from quick passes down the field in week 1, to trying endless deep shots was strange. And Sirianni used up his final timeout when there was still 5 minutes left in the game. Pitfalls are to be expected with a rookie coach. But he needs to be better than he was this week. It will be interesting to see how he responds vs the Cowboys.

Stock Up- Javon Hargrave

The boxscore numbers weren’t as flashy as they were in week 1, but Hargrave had another impressive game. We mentioned the Eagle’s good run D, and Hargrave has played a big part in that. He is consistently winning at the line. Credit should also be given to Flethxer Cox, who is drawing a lot of double teams and letting Hargrave fight man on man. Hargrave came on late last year, and he has not missed a beat early this season.

Stock Down- Jalen Reagor

For a moment, it looked like Reagor was finally making his mark. Early in the game, he streaked down the sideline, and made a deep TD catch. But there was a problem. He let the opposing CB lead him out of bounds before making the play. So the TD was null and void. As a pro WR, you need to have sideline awareness. Allowing himself to be lead out of bounds is a rookie mistake. And outside that play, he was largely ineffective, but then again so was the rest of the offense. I am not giving up on Reagor, but he can’t make mistakes like that,

Stock Way Down- Derek Barnett

It feels like Barnett has more bone head penalties than he has sacks in his Eagles career. Barnett once against cost his team with a completely pointless late hit, that not only cost his team 15 yards but took away what would have been a big loss for the 49ers. Barnett may have made a big play a few years ago in the Superbowl when he recovered that fumble, but he has not done enough since to justify the first they spent on him. When he is not committing dumb penalties, he is busy being ineffective. With Josh Sweat signing to a long-term deal, Barnett’s Eagles days may be numbered.

Stock Up- Quez Watkins

Watkins only made one play in the 49ers game, but it was a big one. 91 yards, nearly going from end zone to end zone. He failed to get into the end zone, and then so did the Eagles after that, but don’t let them take away from how impressive of a play Watkins made. We were promised speed, and we got it. Watkins has the ability to be explosive. Hopefully, his next one ends with a TD.

Stock Down- Eagles Health

The Eagles were very fortunate coming into week 2. The only injuries they were dealing with were ones that happened the season prior, i.e. Rodney McCleod. That fortune ran out in week 2. They will be without Brandon Brooks for a few weeks as he recovers from a Pec Injury, and they lost team leader Brandon Graham for the year to an Achilles injury. Zach Ertz has also landed on the Covid list, putting his status up in the air for week 3 vs the Cowboys.

Stock Up- Jordan Mailata

Mailata went up against an elite pass rusher and Nick Bosa, and mostly held his own. That is worth some credit. He got beat a few times, giving up a sack and another pressure. But he also won his share of downs and was even more effective in the run game. Mailata is not as good as he can be yet, and he is already able to compete with the best. Imagine how could he can get if he keeps improving. Former Eagle Chris Long agreed and shared his amazement at how well Mailata has played so far.